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Education archival collections

A list of collections that contain materials related to education such as papers from schools, teachers, university faculty, politicians, and organizations.

Subject Guides

1930s collections

1964 Alaska earthquake 

1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill


African American history in Alaska

Alaska before 1900

Alaska Constitutional Convention and statehood

Alaska Highway construction

Alaska Native collections

Alaska state legislators and legislation 

Alaskan leadership 

Anchorage charter commissions

Anchorage history 

Anchorage Winter Olympics bids



Archives in Alaska

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Arctic research


Birding and bird conservation

Businesses, clubs, and organizations

Canol Pipeline 

Capital move 

Christianity in Alaska

Cold War era (1945-1992) 

Communications systems

Cooking and nutrition

Creative writing



Fairbanks, Alaska

Fine arts

Fishing, fisheries, and canneries

Fur Rendezvous

Fur trading, trapping, and farming

Gardening and botany

Geography and environmental studies

Geology related

Gold rush

Governors of Alaska

Greenspace collections

Hatcher Pass area 

Homer, Alaska

Hope and Sunrise, Alaska 

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race


Jesse Lee Home

Journalism and broadcasting 



LGBT related collections

Mapping and surveying 

Matanuska Colony 

Medicine and health 

Miners and mining collections

Natural disasters

Non-English language collections


Performing arts

Permanent Fund Dividend

Petroleum and natural gas



Senior Citizen issues and advocacy

Seward, Alaska

Skiing and mountaineering


Student newspapers, Anchorage Community College and University of Alaska Anchorage

Tourism in Alaska

United States. Air Force

United States. Coast Guard 

Women’s organizations and women’s issues

World War II in Alaska 


Follow the links to collection descriptions and inventories. You can keyword search all of our collection descriptions and inventories by using the search box available on each of the pages below. 

University Records: The Archives holds some records of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), Anchorage Community College (ACC), Alaska Pacific University (APU)/Alaska Methodist University (AMU), and Community Colleges, and descriptions of records series are available on our website. Not every department or office is represented in the Archives.

Action-study Satellite Project curriculum materials; circa 1970s. EPH-0036

Adult and Community Education at Northern Institute informational brochure; undated. EPH-0085

Alaska Adult Education Association and Northwest Adult Education Association records; 1977-circa 2000. HMC-1123. Records of two organizations promoting adult education in Alaska and Northwest, collected by a board member and former president.

Alaska Black Caucus Records, Inc; 1975-1993.  HMC-0003. Records of an organization dedicated to advancing the well-being of the African-Americans in Alaska. Includes materials from education conferences.

Alaska Council of Teachers of Mathematics newsletters; 1977-1983. EPH-0084

Alaska Education Association Focus newsletters; 1980-1991. EPH-0086

Alaska Pacific Consolidated Mining Co. Independence mine records; 1930-1987. HMC-0023. Part III, Series 1, contains a folder of correspondence regarding the Independence Mine Territorial School.  A majority of the folder's contents are copies of files from the Alaska State Archives. For more records related to the territorial school at Independence Mine please contact the Alaska State Archives.

Alaska Repertory Theatre records; 1969-1989.  HMC-0028. Records of an Anchorage theatre company. Includes teacher study guides.

Alliance for Options in Education. Records; 1973-1978. HMC-0042. This citizens' group promoted the idea of a flexible public school system that would offer alternative methods of education delivery at elementary and secondary education levels in the Anchorage area.

American Association of University Women. Anchorage (Alaska) branch records; 1955-2004. HMC-0997. Records of the local branch chapter of the AAUW.

Anchorage Independent School District. Personnel and Transportation Records; 1953-1955. HMC-0758. Personnel and transportation records of the Anchorage Independent School District, which is now the Anchorage School District. 

Anchorage School District Romig Junior High School choirs phonograph album; 1971-1972. EPH-0211.

Ella Bamford photograph album; circa 1926-1932. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-1402. Photograph album of a teacher at the Eklutna Industrial School.

Ted Bank papers; 1882-1980. HMC-0068. Includes Aleut essays by school children and Billey Golley's Composition Book

Gretchen T. Bersch papers; 1973-2008. HMC-0666. Professor of Education at Anchorage Community College and the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Bristol Bay Native Association records; 1969-2004. HMC-0075. Includes records related to bilingual/bicultural program and handbooks on how to teach about ANCSA.

Albert Brown letter; 1938. HMC-0870. Alaska Native Brotherhood member's letter to classmate at Sheldon Jackson College.

Alice E. Brown papers; 1954-1973. HMC-1060. Papers of a member of the Alaska Federation of Natives’ board of directors and advocate to pass the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Served as chairman of the Alaska Native Political Education Committee.

Kay Brown papers; 1983-1996. HMC-0457. Papers of a manager of non-profit and government agencies, an elected public official, author, and journalist. Includes bill files related to educational technology; box 86-90.

Omer L. Carey papers papers. HMC-0081. Professor in the UAA School of Business and Public Administration.

Miriam Carlson, papers; 1954-1993. HMC-0493. Former Anchorage Community College administrator.

Genie Chance papers; 1964-1977. HMC-0084. Broadcast journalist and a member of the Alaska State Legislature. Includes research and legislation related to education.

Commonwealth North records; 1979-2007. HMC-0992. Records of an Alaskan public policy forum. Includes files and reports about related education in Alaska.

Community College Coalition of Alaska. Records; 1986-1988. HMC-0090. The coalition was formed in 1986 in response to the decision of the University of Alaska to eliminate the state's community college system due to budgetary constraints. The collection contains the organization's records: minutes, subject files, treasurer's records, etc.

O.C. and Ruth Connelly photograph album; 1938-1941. HMC-0562. Photos of reindeer superintendent and schoolteachers for Saint Lawrence Island, 1938-1940.

Millie Wedel-Cowgill papers; 1950-2009. HMC-1062. The papers of an secondary high school teacher with the Anchorage School District and Alaska Pacific University and University of Alaska Anchorage faculty member.

Lucy Hon Cuddy papers; 1890-1979.  HMC-0095. School teacher in Valdez, a school principal, and member of the Board of Regents of the University of Alaska. 

Lawrence and Olga Doheny Family papers; 1917-1980. HMC-0355. Contains Calvert School Home Instruction Course instructional materials and the Doheny children's course work (1948-1953).

Eklutna Vocational School photograph album; circa 1926-1943. HMC-1385-AHS. Photograph album documenting activities at a vocational boarding school for Alaska Native students.

Kerry Feldman papers; 1968-2010. HMC-1112. Papers of an anthropology professor at UAA.

Fred Wildon Fickett papers; 1858-1989. HMC-0108. Soldier and member of the army exploratory expedition to the Alaskan interior in 1885. Papers prior to his entrance into the Army in 1882 concern his education and his brief teaching career.

Victor Fisher papers; circa 1967-1990. HMC-0109. Member of Alaska Legislature and UAA faculty member.

Fort Yukon School North Star yearbook; 1971. EPH-0064-AHS

Donna Broderick Gavac papers; 1971-1982, 1987. HMC-0111. The collection contains papers concerning University of Alaska administration, faculty affairs, educational planning, and teachers’ union negotiations during her tenure as an academic administrator at Anchorage Community College.

Sharon Gagnon papers; 1973-2004. HMC-0446. Alaskan educator and UA Regent.

Henry Gilbertson papers; 1960-1975. HMC-0115. Henry Gilbertson worked for the state operated school system for 23 years. He was an official in the North Star Borough and Wasilla and held a life certificate as a school administrator. Included are education administration related files, reports, etc.; reports concerning rural schools; maintenance records; publications; and slides and photos (including views of rural schools).

Louise D. Gill papers; 1927-1931. HMC-0717. Anchorage High School memorabilia.

Lee Gorsuch papers; 1978-1999. HMC-0454. This collection contains records of the Anchorage School Board collected by Lee Gorsuch during his service on the board.

Donald T. Griffith family films; 1948-1969. HMC-1058. Home movies and documentary created by Bureau of Land Management land planner. High school graduation footage.

Walter Eugene Guess papers; 1960-1975. HMC-0366. Alaskan legislator’s papers include correspondence, bill files, and publications regarding higher education.

Jay S. Hammond papers; 1946-1993. HMC-0442. Alaskan political figure, legislator, and governor. Includes correspondence with Northwood Elementary 6th grade class and speeches given at high school graduations.

Christine Heller papers; 1895-1982. HMC-0367. Alaskan botanist and nutritionist. Contains notes, handouts, and exams from courses taken and taught by Christine Heller.

Walter J. Hickel papers; 1950-2010. HMC-0660.  Papers of a former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and Alaskan politician and businessman who was very involved in northern regions public policy development. Examples of his involvement include Alaska 2000 (AK2K), the reform movement that began during Governor Walter J. Hickel’s administration in 1991.

History of Sand Lake Project records; 1988. HMC-0492. Led by their teacher, Connie Marinella, and parent volunteer Liz Lauzen, fourteen sixth grade students from Sand Lake and Chinook schools conducted oral history interviews with the pioneers and homesteaders who originally settled in the Sand Lake area.

Michael Hood papers; 1976-1996. HMC-0383. UAA faculty member and head of the Theater Department.

Harry W. and Norma Hoyt family papers; 1908-1989. HMC-0988. Family that owned the Gulkana Road House and the Hoyt Motor Company in Anchorage. Norma taught 2nd grade in Fairbanks in 1931, before she married Harry Hoyt.

Joe Josephson papers; 1983-1988. HMC-0409. The Alaskan senatorial papers of an attorney and legislator. Includes legislative files related to education.

David R. Knapp papers; 1983-2007. HMC-0957. Former Academic Director for Anchorage Community College and President of Sitka Community College.

Mel Kalkowski papers; 1976-1990. HMC-0147. Contains surveys of Anchorage area high schools conducted in 1977, likely conducted by UAA Office of Public Affairs. Data collected covers a range of topics from goals, demographics, and attitudes.

Rosalind Enter Koestring papers; 1943-1946. HMC-0630. Schoolteacher who taught in the Anchorage Public Schools in the 1944-1945 school year.

Dove Kull papers; 1915-1991. HMC-0385. Social worker and activist on behalf of child welfare and senior citizens' issues. Contains footage of native school in 1967 and  copies of a Fairfax High school newspaper for which Dove Kull served as faculty director in, Fairfax, Oklahoma.

Roger Lang papers; circa 1966-1978. HMC-0158. Papers of Alaska Native leader relating to his activities in various organizations such as Center for Northern Educational Research.

Clara Cook Lawrence photographs; circa 1907-1917. HMC-0159. Photographs and postcards from a teacher at the Jesse Lee Home in Unalaska, Alaska.

Nancy Lesh papers; 1963-1988. HMC-0160. Papers of Consortium Librarian.

Charles V. Lucier papers; 1913-2002. HMC-0165. Papers and photographs of an Alaskan anthropologist. He taught in schools in Karluk and Talkeetna from 1952-1955.

Christine McClain papers; 1907-1992. HMC-0370. Papers, articles, and photographs of an Anchorage area free-lance writer. Contains some articles, photographs and research regarding education in Alaska.

Judith and Malcolm McDonald papers; 1960-1997. HMC-0619. Couple that taught in Anchorage schools in the 1960s.

Alan G. May papers; 1902-1990. HMC-0690. Papers, photographs, and journals of an amateur archeologist who participated in expeditions to the Aleutian Islands from 1936-1940. Includes photographs of teachers and schools.

Frederick P. McGinnis speeches; 1967-1981. HMC-0173. Alaskan educator (President of Alaska Methodist University) and public official.

Michael B. Ardaw Charitable Trust records; 1943, 1966-1992. HMC-0469. Trust for educational scholarships.

Sally Monserud papers; 1954-1983. HMC-0179. Personal papers of an Anchorage Community College educator.

E. Louis Overstreet papers; 1972, 1981-1993. HMC-0412. Records of an African American civil engineer, writer, and board member who served on educational, political, and religious committees. Includes speeches he gave to schools in Anchorage.

Larry Pearson telecommunications papers; 1974-1995. HMC-0479. Journalism and Public Communications Department professor at UAA.

W. Jack Peterson papers; circa 1970-1996. HMC-0462. Professional papers of a UAA sociology professor.

Frances and William C. Ray slides; 1955-1956. HMC-0205. Frances Ray served as the first Registrar of Anchorage Community College. She served in that position from 1954 to 1957 and also taught a typing course.

Marguerite Reiss. Papers; 1970-2000. HMC-0207. Marguerite Reiss, a former newspaper reporter and freelance writer, served as school and community librarian in Galena, Alaska (1980-1982). The collection contains an account of her work as the community and school librarian in Galena.

Joseph and Lisa Rudd papers; 1933-1985. HMC-0212. Personal and business papers of Joseph Rudd; personal and political papers of Lisa Rudd. Contains papers related to Lisa Rudd’s work on education.

RurAL CAP records; 1965-1981. HMC-0213. Contains correspondence with Alaska Native, state, and federal education agencies; subject files regarding education in Alaska.

Louis C. Stromp papers; 1942-1946. HMC-0941. U. S. Army Transportation Corps officer on the USAT William L. Thompson during voyages to Alaskan ports. Contains notes and records from U. S. Army schools.

Arliss Sturgulewski papers; 1954-1997. HMC-0467. The papers of an Alaskan senator, gubernatorial candidate, and individual involved in many civic activities. Includes legislative and community organization records related to education.

Lowell Thomas Jr. papers; 1953-1990. HMC-1258. Papers of a former Alaska State Senator and Lieutenant Governor, who was chair of the Senate Health, Education, and Social Services Committee.

Gary Thurlow papers; 1930-1995. HMC-0439. Papers and drafts of works on politics and government. Research and drafts of his books Beyond the Bell Curve: Taking Race and Intelligence Out of the Equation; and what appears to be an earlier version of Beyond the Bell Curve, titled The Growing American Underclass: The Undermining of Our Schools and Institutions.

Una Tuck papers; circa 1965-1999. HMC-1057. Documents related to the development of optional education schools in Anchorage, Alaska.

Millie Wedel-Cowgill papers; 1950-2009. HMC-1062. The papers of an Anchorage secondary high school teacher, Alaska Pacific University and University of Alaska Anchorage faculty member, and production company business owner.

West Anchorage High School Choirs concert recordings; 1974-1974. EPH-0209. This collection consists of a recording of the West Anchorage High School Choirs from the 1974-1975 seasons.

H. C. Wilson letter; 1891. hmc-0979. Letter of a schoolteacher at Klawock.


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