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Arctic research archival collections

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Arctic research collections

The following list contains collections that include records where the creator conducted some form of Arctic research, or has records pertaining to the Arctic Research Commission.  Follow the links to collection descriptions and inventories. This list not comprehensive You can keyword search all of our collection descriptions and inventories by using the search box available on each of the pages below.

Alaska Center for the Environment records; 1909-1992. HMC-0005.  The Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE) is a non-profit organization that lobbies for environmental issues such as public lands conservation, clean air and water, subsistence, and land use. The collection includes numerous subject files containing correspondence, reports, publications, legislative records, and other materials relating to issues and projects worked on by the organization, including D-2, land use planning, hazardous waste, and many other subjects.

C. Earl Albrecht papers; 1905-1996. HMC-0375.  Albrecht was a doctor who served the Matanuska Colony and Fort Richardson, and served as territorial Commissioner of Health. The collection includes papers relating to his work with circumpolar health from 1955-1995, as well as subject files he kept that document various aspects of his public health work in Alaska.

Ramona Barnes papers; circa 1980-2002. HMC-0502.  Ramona Barnes was a long-time Alaska legislator. A majority of her papers contain records relating to her political career, some which include Arctic Research Commission records.

Edwin B. Crittenden papers, 1938-2005. HMC-0094.  Crittenden was an architect who worked as the Technical Director of the Alaska Housing Authority, Chairman of the Anchorage Planning Commission, and Clerk of the Anchorage Platting Board. He was also an active architect and community planner in private practice for most of his career. His collection contains records and photographs relating to arctic design and housing, including research on arctic engineering, oil, and gas.

Robert Fortuine papers, 1934-2008. HMC-0445.  Robert Fortuine was a public health physician in Alaska. His collection contains his research on arctic medical history, as well as published and unpublished writings, and papers relating to circumpolar health organizations.

Lee Gorsuch papers; 1978-1999. HMC-0454.  Lee Gorsuch was a Chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage and served in a variety of roles on the U.S. Arctic Research Commission. The collection contains Gorsuch’s records relating to the Arctic Research Commission, on which he served from 1996 to 1999. These mostly consist of meeting and reference books.

David M. Hickok papers; 1923-1992. HMC-0408.  David Hickok was an Alaskan natural resources officer. This collection primarily consists of papers collected and created by Hickok that relate to land use in the Arctic, especially dating from his work as a natural resources officer for Alaska from 1962-1970 and as director of the Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center (AEIDC) from 1972-1988. 

Carl Hild papers; 1965-2015. HMC-1155.  Carl Hild is the former Director of the Health Services Administration Program at Alaska Pacific University. The collection contains photographs, correspondence, presentations, writings, and research materials related to Hild’s life and research activities. Topics include life in Barrow and around Alaska; circumpolar, Arctic, and Alaskan health issues and provision of medicine, traditional knowledge, and climate change.

M. Walter Johnson papers, 1902-1989. HMC-0932.  Johnson was an Alaskan public health physician. His collection consists of papers relating to the treatment and history of Tuberculosis in Alaska, including his lectures, notes, statistics, conference papers, articles, reports, and publications.

Dorothy M. Jones papers; 1878-1991.  HMC-0458.  Dorothy Jones was a clinical social worker. Her work focused on the lives of Alaska Natives and their communities, especially the Aleut peoples. The collection consists of population data for the Aleutian Islands, including data collected by Jones, as well as copies of censuses and population reports.

Charles Konigsberg papers; circa 1947-1995. HMC-0794. Konigsberg was an Alaska Methodist University professor and founder of the Alaska Center for the Environment. The collection contains his work for the Alaska Center for the Environment and the Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center (AEIDC), as well as related papers regarding environmental issues in Alaska.

Charles V. Lucier papers; 1903-2009. HMC-0165.  Lucier was an anthropologist and archaeologist who studied the Inupiaq culture. His collection contains field notes and journals from archaeological digs on the Seward Peninsula, as well as oral history transcripts, accounts, and research.

Frederick A. Milan papers; circa 1943-1995. HMC-0687.  Frederick Milan was an anthropologist, linguist, and human physiologist who worked in Alaska and other Arctic regions. This collection contains papers relating to Milan’s work.

William J. Mills, Jr. papers; circa 1941-2005. HMC-1214. Papers of an orthopedic doctor in Alaska who conducted research on cold injury, including frostbite and hypothermia, as well as research on the effects of altitude on Denali climbers.

Craig Mishler papers; 1943-2018, bulk 1988-2007. HMC-1300. Papers of a cultural anthropologist and and folklorist, who studied Alaska Native cultures, particularly the Gwich'in, Han, and Alutiiq cultures, as well as folk tales from cultures across the Arctic.

Donald Mitchell oral histories; 1971-1999. HMC-1099.  Oral history interviews and recorded programs made during research for Donald Mitchell’s books, Sold American: The Story of Alaska Natives and their Land and Take My Land Take My Life: The Story of Congress’s Historic Settlement of Alaska Native Land Claims.

Walter Parker papers; circa 1940-2014. HMC-1180.  Parker was a member of the Arctic Research Commission and held various positions in other governmental and public interest organizations, such as the Northern Forum, the Institute of the North, the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council, the Bering Sea Forum, and the Anchorage Citizens Coalition and the Anchorage Trails and Greenways Coalition. Parker’s papers contain files relating to the Protection of Arctic Marine Environment (PAME), Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy (AEPS), Arctic Research Commission (ARC), and Arctic design.

Frank Pauls papers; 1909-1998. HMC-0489.  Frank Pauls was a public health microbiologist and administrator in Alaska. His papers include records relating to the National Arctic Health Policy, as well as symposia, lectures, and conference files regarding health in arctic and subarctic communities. 

Lyle and Dalene Perrigo papers; 1957-2003. HMC-0601.  The collection contains oral histories of Don O'Dowd and George B. Newton, Jr. (chairmen) and Ben Gerwink (member) of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission.

William W. Richards papers; circa 1966-1995. HMC-0693.  Bill Richards was a U.S. Public Health Service psychiatrist. The collection contains his papers relating to studies on social transitions in the North. Included in the collection are files regarding his work on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, traditional healing practices, hypnosis, and the project "Comparative Study of Social Transition in the North: Alaska and Russian Far East.” The collection contains correspondence, notes, reference materials, reports, articles.

Social Transitions in the North project records; circa 1989-1995. HMC-0692.  The purpose of the Social Transitions in the North project was to investigate sociological questions relating to demographic, epidemiologic, and domestic transition in a sample of Alaskan and Russian Far Eastern communities. The collections contains files relating this research.

UAA. Institute of Social and Economic Research. Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act research files; 1953-1989. UAA-0100. This collection consists of records collected and/or created by ISER for the study of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) and the resultant Alaska Native regional corporations.


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