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Archival collections with international content

A guide to selected collections with materials from outside the United States.

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Archives and Special Collections concentrates on collecting archival materials with an Alaskan connection. Many of our collections have international content because Alaskan residents may have traveled abroad or Alaska was only one part of the person's life or the organization's mission. The list below contains a selection of our collections that have non-US content with a description of that content. The list does not generally include those collections of tourists to Alaska that include travels through Canada. Please see the Tourism in Alaska guide linked on the left for more information regarding those collections.

Follow the links to collection descriptions and inventories. You can keyword search all of our collection descriptions and inventories by using the search box available on each of the pages below. If you're looking for a specific location, you may wish to try both regional and local name searches.

Anchorage Organizing Committee Olympics records; 1976-1990. HMC-1002. The records of the organization submitting bids to host the Winter Olympics also includes materials from other winter Olympics venues.

Atwood family papers; 1906-2003. HMC-0989. Bob and Evangeline Atwood traveled extensively during their years running the Anchorage Daily Times. Antarctica; Australia; Asian locales including Macao, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and India; Europe including Denmark, Norway, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Rumania, Switzerland, Germany and Poland; Africa; the Middle East including Egypt; Canada; and Mexico are primarily represented by photographs within the collection. Bob Atwood also served as the Norwegian Consul for Anchorage.

Bill Bacon photograph files; 1940-1990. HMC-0991. As a professional photographer, Bill Bacon traveled widely. His slides include images of western Canada, the Caribbean, China, Ethiopia, Iceland, Greenland, India, Sweden, Kenya, Great Britain, Nepal, Norway, Panama, Mexico, Russia, and Greece.

Ted Bank papers; 1917-1980. HMC-0068. An anthropologist, Ted Bank studied the Ainu people of Japan and Russia and his papers include his professional research files as well as his photographs of travel to Ainu population locations.

Dorothy and Gren Collins papers; 1900-2002. HMC-0422. Gren Collins was an avid outdoorsman who hunted, fished, and went wildlife watching in a variety of locations along with his wife. The international components of the collections are primarily photographs, with some moving image materials and a few textual documents. Locations include Micronesia, China, Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, Europe, Sudan, Kenya, India, Bahamas, Belize, Honduras, Uganda, Tanganyika, Spain, Greece, Sri Lanka, Quebec, Hong Kong, and Guatemala.

Edwin B. Crittenden papers; 1938-2005.  HMC-0094. In the mid-1970s, Edwin Crittenden, an architect, traveled with an American delegation to the Soviet Union to study far northern urban environments.

Barbara D. Dimock family papers; 1865-2004. HMC-0895. The family papers include papers of Maud Alejandrian Lloyd Lopez Raincia (1865-1948) who lived in London, Argentina, and Paraguay; Lorna Maud Solano Lopez Deane (1879-1955) who lived at Masset Island, British Columbia from 1910 to 1911; George Parker Maslen Deane (1887-1947) who was born in London and lived in Alberta, New Brunswick, and British Columbia between 1903 and 1911 as well as traveling to Demerara in what is now Guyana in 1907-1908; and Barbara Lorna Deane Dimock (1914-2004) who traveled to Paraguay, South Africa, and Sao Paulo in 1961 and Scotland in 1992.

Barth Dolezal photographs; 1943-1944. HMC-0940. This photograph album, from a serviceman who served in the Northwest Division of the U.S. Corps of Engineers, contains photographs from Edmonton, Alberta as well as Canadian locations along the Alaska Highway.

Marion and Thomas Gregory photographs; 1932-2002. HMC-0809. Thomas Gregory, an employee of the Federal Aviation Administration, was stationed at the Subic Bay Naval Station, Philippines in the early 1950s. The collection contains a number of 35 mm slides from his time there.

Hans and Margaret Hafemeister papers; 1943-1995. HMC-0126. Hans Hafemeister's diaries document trips to Norway, Sweden and England in the 1970s.

Herb Hilscher papers; 1905-1996. HMC-1001. Herb Hilscher worked as a journalist in Japan, southeast Asia, and the Philippines in the 1930s. The collection includes his photographs from 1933-1937 in those locations.

Grace and John Vincent Hoeman; 1952-1979. HMC-0887. Mountain climbers, Grace and Vin Hoeman documented their climbing trips in the Himalayas, Mexico, Tierra del Fuego, and Argentina, as well as corresponding extensively with other mountaineers.

Harry and Norma Hoyt family papers; 1908-1989. HMC-0988. Norma Hoyt's diaries include documentation of her world-wide travels between 1953 and 1979 to locations including South Africa, Egypt, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, East Asia, Mexico, South America, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, China, Greenland and Iceland.

Dove Kull papers; 1915-1991. HMC-0385. Dove Kull's papers include documents and photographs from her travels abroad to England and Europe (1925), Asia (1961), Russia and Scandinavia (1964), Haiti (1977) and Tahiti (1979).

Milton Lipton oil reports; 1956-1986. HMC-0971. Consultancy reports on international oil production, supply, transportation and trade matters relating to oil producing nations.

Bob and Marie Logan slides; 1945-1962. HMC-1071. The photographic slides in this collection include some of a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, in 1958.

Alan G. May papers; 1902-1990. May, an amateur anthropologist, traveled extensively. His collection includes a World War 1 scrapbook from when he served in the British Army in France; diaries and photographs related to a yearlong trip to Tahiti and back in 1939-1940; and other photographs and diary entries from travels between 1937 and 1986 to locations including the Commander Islands, Hong Kong, Penang, Singapore, Johore, Kenya, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Guatemala, Mexico, the Caribbean, Yugoslavia, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, China, Nepal, England, and the Amazon River basin.

Frederick A. Milan papers; 1943-1995. HMC-0687. Dr. Milan studied cold exposure and other human physiology matters in Arctic regions. His research and travel files include locations such as Antarctica, Chile, Scandinavia, and New Zealand.

Leland Olson papers; 1955-1961. HMC-1064. Leland Olson worked as a surveyor on the White Alice site constructions. The slides include images of the White Alice sites at Resolution and Baffin Islands in Nunavut.

Christian Theodore Pedersen papers; 1920-1966. HMC-0197. The collection includes records documenting trade in Canadian arctic coastal communities and a fur farm in Quebec.

Michael Philip papers; 1932-1933. HMC-0430. Michael Philip was an MGM crewmember on the filming of  Eskimo, some of which was filmed off of the Siberian coast and which is documented in the collection.

William W. "Bill" Richards papers; 1976-2004. HMC-0693. Bill Richards' research into mental health issues included travels and studies in far eastern Russian communities.

Jack Scavenius papers; 1920-1976. HMC-0491. Jack Scavenius was a native of Denmark and the collection includes some images from Denmark dating from 1920 to 1940, maps of Denmark, and Danish language materials including correspondence and other documents.

Ivan and Oro Stewart papers; 1961-1998. HMC-0990. The Stewarts traveled internationally on various gem and mineral-related tours. The collection contains photographs, moving image materials, and travel records related to their travels to various locations including China, India, Bolivia, Peru, Australia, and Africa.

Stoll family papers; 1915-1987. HMC-0236. William Stoll's records include documentation of mining in British Columbia and Manitoba. Walter Stoll's papers include documentation of mining in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Peru, and Canada.

Benjamin Talley papers; 1925-2002. HMC-0241. Documents in the collection reflect Benjamin Talley's service in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers including in Nicaragua on the canal survey in 1929-1932 and World War II locales such as Normandy and Okinawa. He also worked in the private sector in Brazil and Vietnam. His second wife, Manila Talley was an aviator and the collection includes two small notebooks documenting her travel to Morocco, Cairo, Karachi, and Bangkok in 1956 and 1958.

Vern Tejas papers; 1971-2003. HMC-0657. Vern Tejas is a mountain climber and guide who has climbed all eight of the seven summits. His papers and photographs document his climbs and travels to Mt. Vaughn (Antarctica), Nepal, China, and Africa.

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