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Advocacy collections

Collections relating to local and statewide advocacy. Advocacy takes many different forms. The following list is only a partial listing of materials in the Archives that relate to a few specific advocacy topics.

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Advocacy collections

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Advocacy collections

Advocacy takes many different forms. The following list is only a partial listing of materials in the Archives that relate to a few specific advocacy topics.  Be sure to use the search mechanism on the site to search other topics.

Alaska Adult Education Association and Northwest Adult Education Association records; 1977-circa 2000.  HMC-1123.  The Alaska Adult Education Association (AAEA) was formed in 1977 to developed effective program delivery for Alaskan adult education; enhance professional development of its practitioners; promote cooperation between practitioners, citizens, institutions, and government agencies; and advocate recognition of the field. The Northwest Adult Education Association (NAEA) was formed in 1966 to provide opportunities for connection and cooperation between adult education practitioners in Alaska. This collection includes records from both the AAEA and NAEA. 

Alaska Black Caucus, Inc. records; 1975-1993.  HMC-0003.  This collection consists of records of an organization dedicated to advancing the well-being of the African-Americans in Alaska.

Alaska Center for the Environment records; 1909-1992.  HMC-0005.  Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE) is a non-profit organization that lobbies for environmental issues such as public lands conservation, clean air and water, subsistence, and land use. The collection consists of records relating to the operation, management, and activities of the organization.

Alaska Health Project records; 1979-1994.  HMC-0419.  The Alaska Health Project is a private non-profit organization founded in 1980 to address issues of hazardous materials in the workplace and in the community. The collection consists of the organization’s records and activities.

Alaska Native Health Careers Program records; 1971-1985.  UAA-0094.  Alaska Native Health Careers Program provided support and outreach to Alaska Native high school and college students interested in the health field.

Alliance for Options in Education records; 1973-1978.  HMC-0042.  The records of a citizens' organization that supported the introduction of a flexible public school system that would offer diverse methods of education delivery at elementary and secondary levels.

Anchorage Waterways Council records; 1979-1991.  HMC-0393.  A nonprofit organization created to protect, restore, and enhance wetlands, and associated uplands of Anchorage. The organization advocated for water quality and runs the volunteer Citizens Environment Program, Creeks as Classrooms, and Adopt a Stream programs. The collection consists of their organizational records, as well as other related materials concerning waterways in Anchorage. 

Atwood Family papers; 1906-2003.  HMC-0989.  This collection contains business, professional, civic, and personal papers of Bob, Evangeline, Elaine, and Marilyn Atwood, including their ownership and management of the Anchorage Times newspaper. Bob Atwood chaired the Alaska Statehood Committee. Evangeline Atwood was a community activist, being a major supporter of the arts and education, and a founder of the Alaska World Affairs Council. Elaine Atwood was also an active civic and community leader, becoming the first female president of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

Neil Risser Bassett papers; 1940-1991.  HMC-0377.  Neil Risser Bassett joined the Bureau of Land Management in 1959 and worked as Chief of the Lands Branch (1967-1970) and later as Chief of the Branch of Lands and Minerals (1972-1985) in the Resources Division. One of his major responsibilities was coordinator for the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. The collection includes BLM Subject Files, which concern a variety of land management issues and functions, the most prominent of which include easements, land exchanges, minerals, oil and gas leasing, mining, native allotments, navigability, rights-of-way, selections of land, and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. The ANCSA Files include reference materials, activity reports, meeting minutes, newsletters, annual reports, reviews, studies, and evaluations.

Jay K. Brause and Gene Dugan papers, 1975-2006. hmc-1216. Papers of Alaskan civil rights activists. The collection includes materials related to Out North Playhouse, Identity Inc., gay rights, same sex marriage, and Alaska theatre and arts groups.

Alice E. Brown papers; 1965-1973.  HMC-1060.  Alice E. Brown was a member of the Alaska Federation of Natives’ Board of Directors and advocate for the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. A majority of the collection pertains to the organizations of which she was a member.

Hans and Margaret Hafemeister papers; 1943-1995.  HMC-0126.  Hans Hafemeister was a machinist and heavy mechanic and served on the Seward City Council. Margaret was a social worker in Alaska. Although much of the collection focuses on the couple’s personal life, there is an autobiographical account by Margaret which recollects her activities as a social worker in the state. 

Walter J. Hickel papers; 1950-2010.  HMC-0660.  Walter Hickel was elected Governor of Alaska in 1966 and 1990. He was appointed Secretary of the Interior by Richard Nixon in 1969, until he was fired by Nixon in 1970. The largest portions of the collection consist of his Secretary of the Interior records, and campaign, speech and correspondence files.  He was a strong advocate for the development of Alaska.

David M. Hickok papers; 1923-1992.  HMC-0408.  David M. Hickok was an Alaska natural resources officer. A majority of the papers in the collection relate to land use in the Arctic and include speeches, articles, and reference files related to research and policy in the Arctic. There are also records related to the establishment of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge and the 1973 lawsuit of Edwardsen v. Morton, regarding pre-ANCSA Alaska Native land rights in the Arctic.

Identity, Inc. records; 1977-2009.  HMC-1143.  The collection contains the records of a non-profit organization that provides programs supporting equality for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community and its allies.

Neil C. Johannsen Alaska State Parks history collection; 1970-1995. HMC-1046.  This collection primarily contains materials related to the development of the Alaska state park system and preserves much of the first 25 years of history of the Alaska State Park System. Many of the records detail the establishment of nearly 50 state parks, marine parks, recreation areas and historical sites established during the nearly 13 years Mr. Johannsen was director of the State Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.

Dove Kull papers; 1915-1991.  HMC-0385.  Dove Kull was an Alaskan woman active in social work and child welfare. The collection consists of papers relating to Dove Kull's life, her activities in the field of social work and child welfare, her activities on behalf of senior citizen and women's issues, and her travels.

Home And Landowners Organization, Inc. (HALO) records; 1973-2012.  HMC-1125.  This collection consists of documents relating to HALO, a non-profit organization focused on land use issues in Southeast Anchorage. Records include HALO’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, candidate forums records, correspondence, land use planning issues records (ex. Hillside District Plan), lawsuits, minutes, digital photographs, and newsletters. 

Charles Konigsberg papers; circa 1947-1995.  HMC-0794.  Charles Konigsberg taught political science at Alaska Methodist University (now Alaska Pacific University). He later worked as a research analyst for the Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center (AEIDC). He was also an advocate for environmental issues in Alaska, especially the D-2 clause of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, and he founded the Alaska Center for the Environment in 1971. This collection does include his work for AEIDC. as well as related papers regarding environment issues in Alaska. 

Janie Leask papers; 1983-1991.  HMC-1147.  Janie Leask was the president of the Alaska Federation of Natives. The collection contains subject files regarding the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), clippings of her regular column in the Anchorage Times, subject files on the Alaska Federation of Natives, and the texts of speeches she delivered.

Fletcher Miller papers; 1928-2002.  HMC-1000.  Fletcher Miller was a lifelong beekeeper. The collection consists primarily of materials related to beekeeping efforts, though it also includes a small amount of biographical and personal papers.

Older Persons Action Group records; 1963-2006.  HMC-0193.  OPAG serves as an advocate for senior citizens in Anchorage and in Alaska in matters relating to housing, health and welfare, and legislation affecting the elderly. The collection consists of records concerning the administration, finances, programs, and services of the organization.

People’s Vote Must Count Committee records; 1981.  HMC-0198.  The committee was organized in 1981 to oppose the construction of a Convention Center on Block 42 in downtown Anchorage and to uphold the 1965 Anchorage initiative which dedicated that block to becoming a park. The collection consists of correspondence, legal documents, speech notes, petitions, meeting notices, newspaper ads and clippings concerning Proposition 10, the Anchorage Assembly, and Block 42.

Maxine Reed papers; 1900-1994.  HMC-0443.  Maxine Reed was a prominent member of the Anchorage community and a member of the Greater Anchorage Area Borough (GAAB) Consumers Commission. The records in this collection primarily relate to the GAAP Consumers Commission. There are meeting minutes and agendas, correspondence and memos, as well as assembly testimonies regarding consumer protection.

Ruth Arcand Park Project papers; 1968-1985.  HMC-0217.  Ruth Arcand served for four years on the first borough parks and recreation board, and has also served as a board member to the Anchorage Ski Club, Hilltop Youth Inc., and the Huffman-O'Malley Community Council. The collection consists of correspondence, letters of testimony, legal documents, newspaper clippings, newsletters, and other materials concerning Section 16, Ruth Arcand, and her efforts to get Section 16 declared park land.

Fred and Lidia Selkregg papers; circa 1950-2000.  HMC-0631.  Both long time civic activists, Fred served on the Alaska Human Rights Commission and the State Mental Health Board. Lidia worked as a geologist, wrote a series of regional atlases profiling Alaska communities, served on the Anchorage Assembly, and served as Anchorage Planning Commissioner. A majority of the papers include the couple’s civic involvement, Lidia’s geological matters, land use, and her time on the Anchorage Assembly.

Lorena Showers papers; 1939-2000.  HMC-0221.  Lorena Showers was an active member of the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees (HERE) Union. She also served on the Employment Security Commission Advisory Council and was an advocate for senior citizen issues and rights, and was an active member of the Older Persons Action Group (OPAG). The collection contains papers and publications related to her life and activities.

Soroptimists of Anchorage records; circa 1940-2004.  HMC-0818.  Soroptimists is a civic organization dedicated to helping women succeed. The collection includes board minutes, history files, photographs and scrapbooks, event and program records, membership records, and other materials documenting the history and activities of the organization.

Arliss Sturgulewski papers; 1974-1997.  HMC-0467.  Arliss Sturgulewski was an Alaskan senator, gubernatorial candidate, and was involved in many civic activities. The collection primarily contains records related to her political career and community involvement.

Virginia Terrill papers; 1940-1992.  HMC-0432.  Virginia Terrill worked for the Public Health Service and the Alaska Native Medical Service. She was active in local community groups including the Libertarian Party and served as secretary of the Anchorage Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The collection includes personal papers and photographs, however there is ASPCA correspondence and articles as well as Libertarian Party news clippings and publications.

Una Tuck papers; circa 1965-1999.  HMC-1057.  The collection consists of materials created and collected by Una Tuck. There are documents related to the development and community efforts to explore optional education schools in Anchorage. Most materials relate directly to the creation of Chugach Optional School.

Jim Wanamaker papers; 1969-2009.  HMC-1108.  Jim Wanamaker served as an assistant District Attorney and District Attorney for the 3rd District Court in Anchorage in the 1960s. The majority of the collection consists of records relating to the Citizen's Committee to Save Chester Creek Greenbelt Park and other transportation issues. It includes court pleadings, correspondence, clippings, and position papers.

Esther Wunnicke papers; 1955-2013.  HMC-1170.  Esther Wunnicke was director for Alaska’s off shore oil and gas development at U.S. Minerals Management Services. In 1982, she was appointed the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources and also served as chair of Alaska Oil and Gas Policy Council, the Human Rights Commission, Federal Field Committee, Pollution Advisory and Prevention Board, Alaska Rural Governance and Empowerment Committee, Transportation Committee, Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council, and the League of Women Voters.The collection includes speeches on subjects relating to Alaska Native land rights, women's rights, and Alaska's natural resources. 



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