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Businesses, clubs, and organizations archival collections

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Women’s organizations and women’s issues

World War II in Alaska 

Businesses, clubs, and organizations

This research guide contains collections of businesses, clubs, and organizations held at the UAA/APU Archives and Special Collections. This guide is not comprehensive and does not include the personal papers of those who might have been involved in the creation or running of the organizations listed. Follow the links to collection descriptions and inventories. You can keyword search all of our collection descriptions and inventories by using the search box available on each of the pages below.


ACF. Alaska Culinary Association records; 1965-2015. HMC-1221. Records of a non-profit professional organization of culinary professionals, restaurant managers and owners, culinary educators, and food purveyors.

Alaska Adult Education Association and Northwest Adult Education Association records; 1977-circa 2000. HMC-1123. Records of two organizations promoting adult education in Alaska and Northwest, collected by a board member and former president.

Alaska Artist Guild records; 1964-2019, bulk 1968-1984. HMC-1400. Records of an organization established to promote awareness and creation of visual arts in Alaska.

Alaska Black Caucus Records, Inc; 1975-1993. HMC-0003. Records of an organization dedicated to advancing the well-being of the African-Americans in Alaska.

Alaska Botanical Garden records; 1991-2014. HMC-1195. Records of a botanical garden in Anchorage.

Alaska Center for the Environment records; 1909-1992. HMC-0005. Records of a non-profit environmental organization based in Anchorage.

Alaska Center for Public Policy records; 2003-2013. HMC-1229. Materials of an Alaskan public policy advocacy organization.

Alaska Health Education Consortium records; 1979-2007. HMC-1098. Records of a professional organization dedicated to health education.

Alaska Federation of Natives, International records; 1973-1978. HMC-0472. Records of an Alaska Native advocacy organization.

Alaska Health Education Consortium records; 1979-2007. HMC-1098. Records of a professional organization dedicated to health education.

Alaska Health Project records; 1982-1994. HMC-0419. Records of a private non-profit organization founded to work with hazardous materials issues.

Alaska Historical Society records; 1967-2012. HMC-0014. Records of historical society that promote research and sharing of the history of Alaska.

Alaska Hotel Properties Inc. records; 1959-1981. HMC-0017. Records of a hotel company in Alaska.

Alaska Jaycees Inc. records; 1973-1983. HMC-0019. Records of a leadership training and civic organization.

Alaska Library Association (AkLA). Anchorage Chapter records; 1983-2005. HMC-0500. Organizational records of the Anchorage Chapter of the Alaska Library Association.

Alaska Mutual Bancorporation records; 1982-1987. HMC-0362. Business records of a banking holding company.

Alaska Native Association of Oregon records; 1971-1977. HMC-0021. Alaska Native organization created on behalf of non-Alaska residents.

Alaska Newspapers Inc. records; 1980-2004. HMC-1182. Photographs and some records from Alaskan regional newspapers.

Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association records; circa 1976-2014. HMC-1091. Records of a professional organization for nurse practitioners.

Alaska-Pacific Consolidated Mining Company records; 1885-1989. HMC-0023. Records of the mining company that ran Independence Mine at Hatcher Pass and other gold mines in the Willow Creek Mining District.

Alaska Professional Communicators records; 1961-2013. HMC-0026. Records of an organization founded to encourage journalistic excellence and create opportunities for women in the field of journalism.

Alaska Public Health Association records; 1972-1993. HMC-0579. Records of an organization dedicated to public health issues in Alaska.

Alaska Repertory Theatre records; 1969-1989. HMC-0028. Records of an Anchorage theatre company.

Alaska State AFL-CIO records; 1943-1989. HMC-0029. Records of a union organization in Alaska.

Alaska Valuation Services, Inc. appraisal files; 1969-1979. HMC-0036. Anchorage real estate appraisal firm.

Alaskan of the Year, Inc. records; 1979-2003. HMC-0852. This collection contains the records of the Alaskan of the Year, Inc. organization which honored Alaskans who significantly affected the character and development of the state.

Alliance for Options in Education records; 1973-1978. HMC-0042. Records of an Anchorage organization dedicated to education public policy and practice.

American Association of University Women. Anchorage (Alaska) branch records; 1955-2004. HMC-0997. Records of the local chapter of the American Association of University Women, which promotes education and equity for women and girls.

American Society for Circumpolar Health records; 1980-2015. HMC-0993. Records of a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of circumpolar health practice, policy, education, and research.

Anchorage Area Charter Commission records; 1951-1971. HMC-0047. Papers of a commission created to write a charter for the unification of the governments of the City of Anchorage and the Greater Anchorage Area Borough.

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce records; 1946-1984. HMC-0048. Records of a non- profit business organization whose purpose is to promote and enhance business and community services in the Anchorage community.

Anchorage Civic Opera Association records; 1962-1984. HMC-0049. Records of opera nonprofit organization in Anchorage.

Anchorage Concert Association records; 1947-2008. HMC-0881. Records related to performing arts productions.

Anchorage Concert Chorus records; 1947-1997. HMC-0050. Records of a local nonprofit chorus in Anchorage.

Anchorage Festival of Music records; 1955-1980. HMC-0010. Records of an organization developed to promote music in Alaska.

Anchorage Film Society records; 1953-1976. HMC-0052. Records of an Anchorage organization which promoted films.

Anchorage Garden Club records; 1942-2003. HMC-0449. Records of a civic organization dedicated to gardening.

Anchorage Independent School District records; 1953-1955. HMC-0758. Personnel and transportation records of Anchorage Independent School District.

Anchorage Organizing Committee Olympics records; 1976-1990. HMC-1002. Records of Anchorage’s bids to host the Winter Olympics in 1992, 1994, and 1998.

Anchorage Rotary Club records; 1941-2009. HMC-1137. The records of an Anchorage civic organization dedicated to public service.

Anchorage Ski Club records; 1937-1966. HMC-0055. Records of an organization founded to support skiing in Anchorage.

Anchorage Symphony League records; 1946-1992. HMC-0057. Records of a non-profit symphony league.

Anchorage Symphony Orchestra records; 1953-1995. HMC-0056. Organizational records of Anchorage’s local orchestra.

Anchorage Waterways Council records; 1979-1991. HMC-0393. Records of a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring Anchorage’s waterways and wetlands.

Anchorage Woman’s Club records; 1915-2014. HMC-1200. Records and scrapbooks of a community service based woman’s club.

Anchorage Youth Symphony records; 1969-2008. HMC-1094. Records of youth symphony composed of high school students in Anchorage.

Arctic Institute of North America. Alaska Chapter records; 1973-1979. HMC-0061. Business and meeting records of an arctic-focused civic group.

Arctic Power records; circa 1978-2003. HMC-0667. Records of an organization that supports opening the Coastal Plain of ANWR to responsible oil development.

Arctic Winter Games. Eagle River Host Society records; 1995-1996. HMC-1047. Administrative records related to the hosting of the Arctic Winter Games in March 1996.

Bean's Cafe appeal letter and proposal; 1979. HMC-0170. Appeal letter and proposal for a free restaurant, day shelter, and social center in for the homeless in Downtown Anchorage.

Bioneers in Alaska records; 2003-2012. HMC-1228. Records of an organization that promoted sustainability in Alaska.

Black Arts Association records; 1972-1980. HMC-0070. Records of an organization promoting artistic engagement for African Americans in Anchorage.

Bristol Bay Native Association records; 1968-2004. HMC-0075Records of a Bristol Bay area organization promoting development in the region.

British Women’s Club of Anchorage records; 1965-1983. HMC-1093. Records of a civic and social organization in Anchorage, Alaska.

Brooks Range Trust records; 1969-1984. HMC-0076. Administrative records from an organization dedicated to the conservation of the Brooks Range.

Chickaloon Coal Company records; 1910-1922, bulk 1917-1919. HMC-1309. Records of a coal mining company in Chickaloon, Alaska.

Chititu Mines Co. records; 1925-1949. HMC-0088. Administrative records from a mining company in the Nizina Mining District near McCarthy, Alaska.

Chugach Conference records; 1989-1991. HMC-1287. Materials related to telecommunications policy and planning.

Commonwealth North records; 1979-2007. HMC-0992. Records of an Alaskan public policy forum.

Community College Coalition of Alaska records; 1986-1988. HMC-0090. Records of an organization promoting the continuance of community colleges in Alaska.

Community Enterprise Development Corporation of Alaska records; 1968-1980. HMC-0091. Records of a non-profit organization involved with assisting development of local business.

Community Health Aide Program records; circa 1960-2000. HMC-1087. Records of an organization dedicated to providing health-care in rural Alaskan communities.

Cordova District Fishermen United records; 1988-1996. HMC-1199. Records pertaining to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, clean-up, and lawsuit.

Cyrano’s Theater Company records; 1987-2012. HMC-1150. Records of a community theater in Anchorage.

Donnelley and Sheppard General Merchandise Records; 1926-1935. HMC-0837. Business records of a general store in Flat, Alaska.

Eleventh Air Force Association records; 1942-2001. HMC-0558. Records of a military veterans association.

Fairview Community Council records; 2008-2014. HMC-1198. Records of a community council serving the Fairview Neighborhood of Anchorage.

First Interstate Corporation of Alaska records; 1961-1989. HMC-0473. Records of an Alaskan banking organization.

General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Alaska records; 1934-2001. HMC-0680. Primarily administrative records documenting the work of the Alaska affiliate of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Great Northern Brewers Club records; 1980, 1987-2022. HMC-1396. Records of an Anchorage organization that promotes beer education, homebrewing, and the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Greater Anchorage Area Borough (Alaska). Charter Commission records; 1971-1975. HMC-0438. Administrative files and meeting minutes.

Greater Anchorage, Inc. Fur Rendezvous records; 1932-2005. HMC-0121. Records of the organization responsible for the annual Fur Rendezvous festival in Anchorage.

Hans van der Laan Brooks Range Library Board of Directors records; 1972-1992, 1996. HMC-0382. Administrative records of a proposed library in Anaktuvuk Pass.

Harpoon records; 1978-1982. HMC-0130. Documents related to an Alaskan literary journal.

Identity, Inc. records; 1977-2013. HMC-1143. Records of a non-profit organization that provides programs supporting equality for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community and its allies.

Irish Club of Alaska records; 1988-2006, 2011, 2019. HMC-1324. Records of a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Alaskans with quality learning opportunities in Irish and Irish-American arts, language, music, and literature.

James E. Fullerton General Merchandise records; 1921-1924. HMC-0834. Records of a general store in Flat, Alaska.

Japanese American Citizen’s League. Alaska Chapter records; 1995-2011. HMC-1116. Records of an Alaskan civic group.

Kuumba Black Artists Network, Inc. records; 1981-1983. HMC-0157. Records of a non-profit organization that supported African American cultural education and African American art.

League of Women Voters of Anchorage records; circa 1950-2014. HMC-1268. Records of an Anchorage civic organization that works to ensure voters have easy access to participate in political elections at every level.

Literary Artists Guild of Alaska records; 1981-1982. HMC-0164. Records relating to an Alaskan literary forum.

Matanuska Valley Bank records; 1947-1965. HMC-0480. Records of an Alaskan bank.

Mountaineering Club of Alaska papers; 1960-1986. HMC-0960. Papers and newsletters of an Alaskan mountaineering organization.

Muddy Acres Homemakers’ Club records; 1953-1962. HMC-0985. Records of an affiliate club of the Anchorage Homemakers Council for women in the Sand Lake and Jewel Lake areas.

M/V Hygiene logbooks; 1947, 1956-1958. HMC-1109. Logbooks for the ship providing health care to coastal western Alaska residents during the 1940s and 1950s.

Nabesna Mining Corporation records; 1938. HMC-1120-AHS. Shareholder letter and dividend checks for a mining company near Chitina.

National Ski Patrol. Alaska Division records; 1960-1997. HMC-0411. Records of the Alaska chapter of the National Ski Patrol System.

Older Persons Action Group records; 1968-2006. HMC-0193. Records of nonprofit organization that advocated for senior citizens in Alaska.

Out North Contemporary Art House records; 1985-2011. HMC-1089. Records of Anchorage theater and art house that showcases performance art related to underrepresented groups and social justice.

People’s Vote Must Count Committee records; 1959-1981, bulk 1981. HMC-0198. Records of a committee that supported the creation of a park on block 42 of Downtown Anchorage, instead of a convention center.

Pete's City Gym records; 1981-2011. HMC-1114. Records of a long-time membership-based Anchorage gym.

Pioneers of Alaska, Igloo No. 15 records; 1916-1988. HMC-0202. Records of the local Anchorage branch of a fraternal organization for pioneers in Alaska.

Quota Club of Anchorage, Alaska records; 1952-2012. HMC-1295. Records of an Anchorage womens service club.

Rabbit Creek Community Council records; 1990-2015. HMC-1275. Records of a civic group representing residents of the Rabbit Creek area of Anchorage.

Rage City Rollergirls records; 2009-2015. HMC-1193. Records of a roller derby league in Anchorage.

RurAL CAP records; 1965-1985. HMC-0213. Records of an Alaskan community action program.

Society for Technical Communication. Alaska chapter records; 1981-1991. HMC-0415. Records of an organization for technical writers.

Soroptimists of Anchorage records; circa 1940-2004. HMC-0818. Records of a civic organization dedicated to helping women succeed.

Sourdough Ski Patrol records; 1974-1997. HMC-1080. Records of the Girdwood branch of the National Ski Patrol.

Strandberg Mines, Inc. records; 1910-1964, bulk 1937-1964. HMC-0359. Records of an Alaskan mining company.

Thirteenth Regional Corporation records; 1971-1997. HMC-0390. Regional corporation for Alaska Natives living outside of Alaska.

Wildflower Garden Club records; 1973-2010. HMC-1078. Scrapbooks and yearbooks of the Anchorage Wildflower Garden Club.

Wiseman Trading Company records; 1925-1999, bulk 1940-1945. HMC-0434. Business records of a general store on the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk River.

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