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Tourism in Alaska

Collections that document people's visit to Alaska.

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Ada and Olia tourist scrapbook; 1947. hmc-0880. Elderly women from Houston, Texas, who took an automobile trip to Southeast Alaska and return.

Alaska Steamship Company publicity materials; undated. EPH-0037

Anonymous Alaska Highway trip photographs; ca. 1948. hmc-0637.

Anonymous Alaska tourist slides; ca. 1967.  hmc-0604.

Anonymous autograph book; 1946-1948. hmc-0060.

Anonymous photographs of a trip to Portage and Bonanza Creek Placer Mining Areas; ca. 1911-1914.  hmc-0636.

Anonymous Alaska tourist photograph album; 1952.  hmc-0539. Tour group photographs of Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest.

Anonymous Kenai Peninsula tourist and sportsman photograph album, 1948. hmc-0908.

Anonymous Ohio family Alaska and Glacier National Park tourist photograph album; June-July 1914. hmc-0553.

Anonymous Pacific Coast Steamship Company tourist souvenir diary; 1908. hmc-0721. Tourist's diary of Alaska cruise on the S.S. Spokane out of Seattle.

Anonymous photographer Alaska photograph album; 1958-1959, 1963. hmc-0929. Alaska resident or visitor who photographed locations in South Central, Northwest, Interior and Southeast Alaska. May have been visitor

Anonymous Southeast Alaska tourist photograph album; circa. 1935. hmc-0635.

Anonymous S.S. North Sea Alaska cruise ship passenger tourist photograph album; 1939. hmc-0800.

Norman and Edna Bassett (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.) Alaska trip photographs; undated, 1927, 1930, 1932. hmc-1027-AHS. Alaska trip on the S.S. Dorothy Alexander and the White Pass & Yukon Railroad in 1932.

William E. Beaty photograph album; 1935. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1056-AHS. A tourist visiting Alaska in 1935.

Hazel Benshoff letters; 1928-1929. hmc-0851. Letters to a young woman from a friend touring Alaska in the late 1920s.

Al E. Beyer tourist photograph album and papers; 1994. hmc-0958. Pleasanton, California motorcyle tourist who traveled over 7,000 road miles on a trip to Alaska.

Edward M. Biddle tourist photograph album; 1913. hmc-0901. Wealthy tourist from Pennsylvania who visited Glacier National Park and Southeast Alaska.

Nancy E. Carlock (1908-1995) tourist scrapbook; 1967. hmc-0936. Woman from Hemet, California, on 13 day tour of Alaska.

D. S. Clark Alaska Circle Tour photograph album; 1927. hmc-0614.

Ila M. Copley (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.) papers and photographs; 1942, 1948-1950. hmc-1005-AHS. Materials relating to a visitor to Alaska.

Evie Cotes photo postcards; 1945. hmc-0519. Photo post cards collected on a trip to Alaska.

Howard Culbertson Family tourist postcard album and scrapbook; 1967.  hmc-0923. Ohio family who visited Canada and Alaska.

Homer E. Dalrymple photograph album; circa. 1917-1925.  hmc-0662. Photographs of Douglas, Alaska, and tourists.

Adrian Edison Erickson photograph album; 1924. hmc-0537. Album of a trip through Alaska and Canada.

Herman Erickson Family tourist color slides; 1951-1969. hmc-0883. Fresno, California family who took a cruise to Southeast Alaska in 1969.

Cathy Evans photograph album; circa 1960s. hmc-0893. Young girl who visited Alaska and the Yukon Territory with her family.

Tom Faraday tourist photograph album; 1939-1940. hmc-0611. Photographs, clippings, and memorabilia of junior ambassador to Alaska.

Marie "Sue" Feinler tourist scrapbook; July 1931.  hmc-0508. Scrapbook with photographs depicting a cruise to Alaska aboard the S. S. Northwestern.

James Ferguson (AK. Hist. Soc. Col.) photograph negatives; undated, 1948, 1950. hmc-1007-AHS. Reporter who visited Alaska.

Peter L. Ferry family photographs; 1929. hmc-1021-AHS. Family that visited Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

Mildred Fisher tourist photograph album; 1939. hmc-0661. Trip album of an Oklahoma schoolteacher who toured the Western U.S. and Alaska.

Walter J. Fitzgerald, S. J. (1883-1947) photographs; 1940. hmc-0849. Photographs of a Catholic bishop's confirmation trip to the Lower Yukon and the Bering Sea coast.

William Asberry "Berry" Gilcrease (1893-1995). Color Travel Slides; 1966. hmc-0655. Images of a tour of Alaska and western Canada.

Goldie and Bob tourist photograph album; July-August 1953. hmc-0768. Couple who visited Central California and Southcentral Alaska.

Josephine M. Gordon (b. 1908) journals; 1964-1985. hmc-0407. Journals of a family's annual trips through Alaska, Yukon Territory, and British Columbia.

Ruth Gordon tourist photograph album; circa. 1938. hmc-0732. Album of woman who took steamship cruise to Alaska.

Evelyn and Frelin Grimes scrapbook; 1969.  hmc-0918. Fresno, California couple who visited Southeast Alaska aboard the S.S. Prince George.

John K. Hardcastle (1909-1990) and Lee letter; 1947. hmc-0933. Letter from trip to Alaska via the Alaska Highway.

Eric (1904-1995) and Anna Harding tourist scrapbook; 1969. hmc-0749. Elmhurst, Illinois couple who took and bus and ship tour of Alaska.

Hotel Anchorage publicity stickers; undated. EPH-0053

Grace P. Hurst tourist photograph album; 1957.  hmc-0914. Indiana woman who visited her U. S. Army officer son and his family at Ladd Air Force Base in Fairbanks.

Ruth Huseman (1985-1988) tourist photograph album; 1937. hmc-0623. Midwesterner who toured Western Canada and Southeast Alaska.

Kathleen “Pat” Jackson (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.) tourist photograph album; 1934. hmc-1029-AHS. Portland, Oregon tourist on the S. S. Aleutian.

Gene and Phyllis Krisher papers; undated, 2001. hmc-1266. Photographs and memorabilia of a couple who took an Alaskan cruise.

Ashley and  Ruth Larkin tourist scrapbooks; 1968, 1973. hmc-0820. Couple from Rochester, New York, who toured the western U.S., Canada, and Alaska in 1968.

Myrtle Lenager tourist scrapbook; 1951. hmc-0574. Travel scrapbook of her trip from Greensboro, Kansas, through the U.S., Western Canada, and Alaska.

Lois Little papers; 1931, 1935. hmc-0575. Sioux City, Iowa schoolteacher who cruised Southeast Alaska on the S.S. Dorothy Alexander in 1931.

Loman and Hanford Alaska souvenir photograph album; ca. 1910-1920.  hmc-0497. Photograph album produced by a noted Alaskan photography firm plus additional photographs.

Lorrie and Sarge color slides; 1948. hmc-0750. Primarily travel slides of couple who stayed at Fort Richardson and toured Alaska.

Dorothy McCurrach Alaska trip scrapbook; June 1942. hmc-0557. Scrapbook detailing a cruise from Seattle to Skagway.

Agnes M. McQuarrie and Ruth E. Warnke tourist color slides; 1966. hmc-0847.

Mrs. John F. Mercer Nome trip scrapbook; 1898-1904. hmc-0486. Scrapbook of a woman who traveled and lived in Nome from 1900 to 1901.

Anne Moses tourist scrapbook; 1936, 1942. hmc-0659. Scrapbook of trip on the S.S. Yukon from Seattle to Seward in 1936.

Mildred E. (1910-1998) and Robert Mowrer (1907-2000) tourist photograph album; 1941. hmc-0935. Lancaster, Pennsylvania couple who toured the western U.S., Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

Myers family slides; 1980. hmc-1066-AHS. Images of a trip to British Columbia and Alaska.

New York tourist travel diary; 1931, 1935.  hmc-0591. Daily account of a luxury sightseeing trip to Alaska in 1931.

Mary A. Offley (1886-1989) tourist scrapbook; 1954.  hmc-0856. Scrapbook documenting trip on the Union Steamships Limited, S.S. Chilcotin from Vancouver, British Columbia to Skagway, Alaska; travels on the Southern Pacific Railroad and the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway.

Calvin R. (1919-1990) and Doris I. Orr (1923-2006) tourist scrapbook; 1988, 1989.  hmc-0938. Kansas couple on a travel trailer caravan tour to Alaska.

John A. Perkins photograph album; 1947-1948. Young man who visited Nome and Marks Field with his sister in 1947.

Postcard collection; undated. EPH-0087

Edna and Martha Preuss tourist photograph album; 1940. hmc-0746. Women who cruised Southeast Alaska aboard the S.S. Yukon.

Kenneth Quade color slides; ca. 1960-1970. hmc-0606. Published travel slides of a trip on the Alaska Highway.

Reminiscence of a 1918 Trip to Alaska; 1972. hmc-1003-AHS.

William Vance Rinehart, JR. (b. 1867) (Ak. Pac. Univ. Col.) journal; 1886-1900.  hmc-0987-APU. Seattle attorney who visited Nome in 1900.

Helen F. Rogers tourist photograph album; 1947.  hmc-0872. Album of Newport, Rhode Island woman who visited Western Canada and Alaska.

Ethel M. Shaw tourist scrapbook; 1937. hmc-0514. Tourist of Western U.S., Alaska, and Canada.

Simpson family photograph album; 1994.  hmc-0563. Album of family that took week-long cruise of Southeast Alaska.

Mr. and Mrs William P. Smith tourist photograph album tourist photograph album; 1891. hmc-0518.Tourist who cruised Southeast Alaska in 1891.

Geneva Starrett tourist photograph album and papers; 1938, 1955-1962. hmc-0711. Maine tourist who visited California and Alaska in 1938.

Steven and Leslie motion picture film; 1960. hmc-0341. Home movie footage of tourists who visited Anchorage.

John E. Sunder slides; 1969. hmc-1041-AHS. Slides of a trip to British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska.

Arabella and Raymond H. Taylor tourist scrapbook; 1956. hmc-0650. Scrapbook of a New York couple who went on the American Agriculturist Alaska tour in 1956.

Ethel Terry souvenir cruise diary; 1912. hmc-0638. Pacific Coast Steamship Company souvenir diary written in by Ethel Terry during a cruise to Alaska.

Philip and Marta Theriault tourist scrapbook; 1984. hmc-0675. Scrapbook of a couple who took a cruise to Alaska.

Alvin (1910-1996)and Betty Verser tourist photograph album; 1966, 1978. hmc-0766.
Sacramento couple who toured Alaska and Western Canada in 1966.

John and Jesse Warner tourist slides; 1974. hmc-0984. Slides from group tour of Western Canada and Alaska.

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