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Medicine and health related archival collections

Archives & Special Collections has many archival collections that relate to medicine and health topics. In alphabetical order by creator. Follow the links to a more complete listing of the collection contents.

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1964 Alaska earthquake 

1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill


African American history in Alaska

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Christianity in Alaska

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Senior Citizen issues and advocacy

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Student newspapers, Anchorage Community College and University of Alaska Anchorage

Tourism in Alaska

United States. Air Force

United States. Coast Guard 

Women’s organizations and women’s issues

World War II in Alaska 


Follow the links to collection descriptions and inventories. You can keyword search all of our collection descriptions and inventories by using the search box available on each of the pages below.

Alaska Health Education Consortium records; 1979-2007. Records of a professional organization dedicated to health education.

Alaska Health Project records; 1979-1994. HMC-0419. The Alaska Health Project is a private non-profit organization founded in 1980 to address issues of hazardous materials in the workplace and in the community. Their mission is to provide information, training, research, and related services to Alaskan organizations and individuals.  Collection size: 14 cubic feet.

Alaska Historical Commission Studies in History 212: Science series radio program recordings; 1986. EPH-0101. The recordings include interviews with Alaskan doctors and health researchers such as Earl Albrecht and Bill Mills. Collection size: 2 audiocassettes.

Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association records; circa 1976-2011. HMC-1091. These are the records of a professional organization for nurse practitioners. Collection size: 1.0 cubic feet.

Alaska Nurses' Association collection; 1887-1995. HMC-1107. This is a collection of materials related to the history of nursing in Alaska.

C. Earl Albrecht papers; 1931-1993. HMC-0375. Professional and personal papers of a doctor who served the Matanuska Colony and Fort Richardson, was the territorial Commissioner of Health, as well as other Alaskan and international roles. Collection size: 11 cubic feet.

Helen Dittman Beirne papers; 1956-1994. HMC-0535. Papers of the administrator and clinical director for the Alaska Crippled Children's Association, chairman of the House Health, Education and Social Services Committee, and  Commissioner of the Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services. Collection size: 13 cubic feet.

Bristol Bay Native Association records; 1969-2004. HMC-0075.  Among other topics, these records include information on rural health programs. Collection size: 25 cubic feet.

Kay Brown papers; 1983-1996. HMC-0457. Papers of an Alaskan legislator.  Some bill and subject files are on health-related topics. Collection size: 64 cubic feet.

Genie Chance papers; 1964-1977. HMC-0084. Papers of an Alaskan journalist and legislator.  Some legislative subject files are on health-related topics. Collection size: 23.65 cubic feet.

Commonwealth North records; 1979-2007. HMC-0992. Records of a public policy institute. Some study files are on health-related topics. Collection size: 64.8 cubic feet.

Robert Fortuine papers; 1957-2005. HMC-0455. The personal and professional papers of a U. S. Public Health Service physician and medical historian.  Collection size: 26 cubic feet.

Betzi and Milo Fritz papers; circa 1930-2009. HMC-1072. The personal and professional papers of a long-time Alaskan doctor and his wife, a nurse.

Marie and Ralph George papers; 1916-2004. HMC-0763. Includes a small amount of papers related to Marie Brown’s involvement with the Providence Hospital Auxiliary from 1988-2004. Collection size: 2.25 cubic feet.

Henry Gilbertson papers; 1960-1975. HMC-0115. Includes rural school inspection reports and photographic slides of rural villages focusing on living and educational conditions, potentially useful for public health research. Collection size: 4 cubic feet.

Elinor Delight Gregg video; 1939. HMC-0424. Video copy of a film of this public health nurse’s trip to various locations in Alaska. Collection size: 1 videotape.

Merrill E. Grube photographs; 1965-1978. HMC-0124. This collection from a UAA/ACC photographer includes photographs related to medical technology, dental, and nursing programs taught at UAA and ACC.  Collection size: 9.6 cubic feet.

Walter Eugene Guess papers; 1960-1975. HMC-0366. Papers of an Alaskan legislator.  Some bill and subject files are on health-related topics. 

Jay S. Hammond papers; 1946-1993. HMC-0442. Papers of an Alaskan governor. Some subject files are on health-related topics. Collection size: 10 cubic feet.

Christine Heller papers; 1895-1982. HMC-0367. Papers of an Alaskan botanist and nutritionist.  Includes her research materials related to the Alaska Dietary Survey conducted in 1956-1961. Collection size: 26.7 cubic feet.

Bonnie Johnson papers; 1983-2010. HMC-1327. Bonnie Johnson worked as a public health nurse in Fairbanks for more than 30 years. Included in the collection are records and video of the production of Tuberculosis: Shared Stories from Interior Alaska, documents related to a pioneer nurses banquet Johnson helped organize, and research and pamphlets related to Tuberculosis.

Walter Johnson papers; 1902-1989. HMC-0932. Collected research materials, paper, and lecture drafts, and other writings relating to tuberculosis issues, particularly among Alaska Native children. 

Alice “Dove” Montgomery Kull papers; 1915-1991. HMC-0385. Personal papers of a social worker employed by state and federal health and social services agencies. Primarily focused on social work issues, the collection contains materials related to health matters as well.  Collection size: 13.25 cubic feet.

William S. Laughlin papers; 1931-1998. HMC-0360. Personal and professional papers of a physical anthropologist who, among other topics, studied human biology.  Collection size: approximately 80 cubic feet.

Christine M. McClain papers; 1907-1992. HMC-0370. The papers of a journalist who regularly wrote on health-related topics.  Collection size: 21.45 cubic feet.

Frederick A. Milan papers.  HMC-0687.  Papers of an anthropologist, linguist, and human physiologist who worked in Alaska and other Arctic regions.  Collection size: 9.5 cubic feet. 

Dan Middleton papers; 1972-1974. HMC-0118. Dan Middleton served on the Greater Anchorage Area Borough. Comprehensive Health Planning Council. The collection consists of administrative records of an organization charged with developing health services and facilities plans. Collection size: 0.3 cubic feet.

M/V Hygiene logbooks; 1947, 1956-1958. HMC-1109. Logbooks for the ship providing health care to coastal western Alaska residents during the 1940s and 1950s.

Albert W. Newhall letters; 1915-1928. HMC-0188. Doctor and medical missionary at the Jesse Lee Home in Unalaska and later in Barrow. Collection size: 0.02 cubic feet.

Eugenia Wassell Ohls papers; 1944-1991. HMC-0371. Professional papers of an Alaskan public health nurse.  Collection size: 0.25 cubic feet.

Older Persons Action Group (OPAG) records; 1968-2006. HMC-0193. Records created and collected by the senior citizens advocacy group include health topics.  Collection size: 25.6 cubic feet.

Frank Pauls papers; 1909-1998. HMC-0489. The professional papers (including research data) of a public health biologist and administrator in Alaska. 

Philip and Retta Reed papers; 1915-1981. HMC-0401. Retta Reed was a nurse and while most of the collection consists of Philip’s papers, the photographs include a few images of the Noorvik hospital and medical personnel from the early 1920s. Collection size: 1.5 cubic feet.

Bill Richards papers; 1976-2004. HMC-0693.  The professional papers of Dr. Bill Richards, primarily relating to the Social Transitions in the North research project. Collection size: 10 cubic feet.

Norm Rokeburg legislative papers; 1995-2006. HMC-0945. Papers of an Alaskan legislator.  Some legislative bill files are on health-related topics. Collection size: 10 cubic feet.

Joseph and Lisa Rudd papers; 1933-1985. HMC-0212. Lisa Rudd served as an Alaskan legislator.  Some of her legislative files concern health-related issues. Collection size: 24.8 cubic feet.

Rural Alaska Community Action Program (RuralCAP) records; 1965-1981. HMC-0213. Records regarding rural health issues comprise a portion of the records in this collection. 

Elaine A. Schwinge journals; 1946-1950. HMC-0484. Journals of a field physician working for the Alaska Territorial Dept. of Health. Collection size: 0.2 cubic feet.

Jerome F. Sheldon papers; 1885-1994. HMC-0220. Research files from an Alaskan free-lance writer. Some subject files are on health-related topics. Collection size: 9.75 cubic feet.

Social Transitions in the North project administrative records; 1989-2004. HMC-0692. The collection consists of the unrestricted project records including subject and administrative files. Collection size: 1.7 cubic feet.

Nancy Jordan Strohmeyer interview recordings; circa 1990-1999. HMC-1273.The collection contains interviews on microcassettes conducted by Nancy Jordan Strohmeyer. Interviews with Dr. C. Earl Albrecht, Dr. Frank Pauls, Kitty Gair, and other Alaska nurses were conducted for her book, Frontier Physician. 

Virginia Terrill papers; 1940-1992. HMC-0432. Primarily the personal papers of a public health nurse and medical transcriptionist. Collection size: 1.7 cubic feet.

UAA. Alaska Native Health Career Program records; 1971-1985. UAA-0094. The Alaska Native Health Career Program was created in 1974 to promote the health and well-being of Native people by establishing the Native operation and management of the health care system which services them. Collection size: 2.7 cubic feet.

UAA. Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies tri-discipline conferences records; 1979-1991. UAA-0037. Conference preparation files as well as audio-cassettes of conference proceedings. Collection size: 5.3 cubic feet.

UAA. Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies records; 1979-1993. UAA-0086. The Institute’s administrative and operating files also include materials on research projects and publications. Collection size: 9 cubic feet.

UAA/APU Consortium Library. Alaska Medical Library newsletters; 2000-2009. UAA-0022. Newsletters on the health topics and the activities of the AML. Collection size: 0.2 cubic feet.

Dixie West photograph album; 1942-1945. HMC-0127. Personal photograph album of a nurse in Ketchikan, the album includes photographs of the hospital personnel and building as well as of the Alaska Dept. of Health’s vessel, the MS Hygiene. Collection size: 0.25 cubic feet.

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