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Textbook Affordability Heroes

Highlighting UAA and APU faculty who have gone above and beyond for their students in relation to zero-textbook cost (ZTC) courses, open educational resources (OER), or open education more broadly.

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Textbook Affordability Heroes: Adopters

The following professors taught at least one course with zero textbook or course materials costs (ZTC), including but not limited to open educational resources (OER), since spring semester 2021:

University of Alaska Anchorage

Paula Luedtke, Aerospace Science ROTC
Robert Schabron, Aerospace Science ROTC
Tyler Remkus, Aerospace Science ROTC
Ryan Harrod, Anthropology
Mariano Gonzales, Art
Sharon LaRue, Aviation
Amanda Zuelke, Biology
Audrey Taylor, Biology
Jeremy Buttler, Biology
Kelly Ireland, Biology
Rachael Hannah, Biology
Tyler Fox, Biology
Adeline Schlabaugh, Chemistry
Mark Martinson, Chemistry
Mark McCoy, Chemistry
Matthew Prnka, Chemistry
Ryan Flanagan, Chemistry
Teresa Ulrich, Chemistry
Amber Worthington, Communication
Doug Parry, Communication
Joy Mapaye, Communication and Journalism & Public Comm.
Marsha Olson, Communication and University Studies
Michelle Scaman, Communication
Sarah Smith, Communication
Steven Johnson, Communication
Wei-Ying Hsiao, Education: Early Childhood
Matthew Cullin, Engineering
David Bowie, English
Ronald Spatz, English
Dorn Van Dommelen, Geography and Environmental Studies
Janelle Sikorski, Geology
Isaiah Ditmer, Geomatics
Britteny M. Howell, Population Health Sciences
Corrie Whitmore, Population Health Sciences
Ray Ball, History
Paola Banchero, Journalism & Public Communication
Ingrid Johnson, Justice
Jean Marcey, Health, Physical Education & Recreation
Robert Henderson, Legal Studies
Alberta Harder, Mathematics
Carolyn Fautanu, Mathematics
Debbie Narang, Mathematics
Mark Fitch, Mathematics
Samuel Cook, Mathematics
Stefanos Folias, Mathematics
Terri Manthey, Mathematics and Statistics
Grace Leu Burke, Medical Lab Tech
Hugh Deery III, Philosophy
William Jamison, Philosophy
Eric Murphy, Psychology
Hattie Harvey, Psychology
Michelle Fellows, Psychology
Mychal Machado, Psychology
Veronica Howard, Psychology
John Duffy, Public Administration
Chad Farrell, Sociology
Zeynep Kilic, Sociology
Solveig Pedersen, University Studies
Heather Nash, Women's Studies
Aisha Barnes, Writing
Ami Reece, Writing
Andrea Gregovich, Writing
Brian Thompson, Writing
Carrie Aldrich, Writing
Don Rearden, Writing
Douglass Bourne, Writing
Ed Lindquist, Writing
Elizabeth Waetjen, Writing
Emily Madsen, Writing
Gregory Hartley, Writing
Hannah Johnson, Writing
Jacqueline Cason, Writing
Margaret Baker, Writing
Megan Ernst, Writing
Michael Dibattista, Writing
Morgaine Finch, Writing
Sara Rufner, Writing
Sarah Kirk, Writing
Sarah Prielipp, Writing
Shane Castle, Writing
Sharon Emmerichs, Writing
Tara Lampert, Writing
William Rannals, Writing
Zebadiah Kraft, Writing


Alaska Pacific University

Ian Williams, Mathematics
Annette Rearden, Nursing
Nora Miller, Psychology
Erin Larson, Sciences
Jason Geck, Sciences

Note that while we are calling these faculty OER/ZTC Adopters, they may have done more than just abandon commercial products to adopt available OER/ZTC textbooks or course materials. The majority also redesigned their courses to work effectively with the OER/ZTC material. And some revised or even created new materials for their students!

Last update July 1, 2021 for summer semester. Fall 2021 semester faculty expected to be added in late November.

Criteria for Inclusion

In order to be listed on this page, faculty must have taught at least one section of an undergraduate-level course that has zero course materials costs associated with it (for all required materials) from Spring 2021 to present.

Included Courses

Included courses must meet these criteria:

  • 000-, 100-, 200-, 300-, and 400-level (for UAA courses)
  • 10000-, 20000-, 30000-, and 40000-level (for APU courses)
  • Courses with instructor-led curriculum involving multiple students (excludes fieldwork, research, independent study courses, etc.)

Course Materials

Course materials are the primary materials used to convey course content. These include textbooks, lab manuals, and homework/courseware systems. Only course materials that are required for the course are considered in calculating the cost of course materials; optional materials are disregarded.

Course supplies are not included in course materials costs. These include calculators, art supplies, and lab safety equipment.

Suggest a Name

If you know of someone who should be included in this list, notify D'Arcy Hutchings (see Contact Me box on this page). After review of the course syllabus and/or reading list they will be manually added here. Note that this list was generated using bookstore data and there will be a delay each semester before new faculty are added. At UAA, only courses marked as ZTC/OER in Akademos are included automatically. At APU, since the APU bookstore system does not have a built-in means for declaring ZTC/OER courses, courses marked as No Text Required or those that link to an OER textbook are included automatically. Unfortunately, data from UAA community campus bookstores was not readily available at the time this list was created for automatically including faculty.

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