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Open Educational Resources (OER)

This guide has been created to provide UAA and APU faculty members with assistance in finding OER.

In This Guide

Quick Start Guide: Finding OER Textbooks

Finding Open Educational Resources (OER) for the courses you teach can be as simple as conducting a single search -- or it can be a real adventure in sleuthing. You don't know until you get started.

If you aren't readily finding what you need using this Quick Start page, please feel free to contact D'Arcy Hutchings (see the "Contact Me" box on this page). I can assist with finding OER, general OER questions, navigating Creative Commons (CC) licenses and copyright, or evaluating what you find. You may also continue on to the Search Strategy and Dig Deeper pages of this guide.

Before searching for OER, be sure you are familiar with the definition of OER and CC licenses on the Is it OER? page of this guide.

The following links are great places to get started:

Incorporating OER

You've found some great OER. Now what? You will need to evaluate and possibly improve the accessibility of the OER you locate, incorporate the resource into your course, and/or edit or remix OER to work for your course. UAA faculty may be able to get assistance through Faculty Development & Instructional Support for assistance. APU faculty should contact the Office of Academic Dean (907.564.8261) to determine options for assistance.

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Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License This work by D'Arcy Hutchings is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You may reproduce, reuse, or remix any part of it as long as credit is included. We encourage you to license your derivative works under Creative Commons as well to encourage sharing and reuse of educational materials. Note that linked content is covered by its own licenses.