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Affordable Course Materials Award

Information about and previous winners of the Consortium Library Affordable Course Materials Award (CLACMA).

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Who sponsors this award?

The CLACMA was created by the Library Advisory Committee (a UAA Faculty Senate committee) with the assistance of UAA Textbook Affordability. It is funded by the UAA/APU Consortium Library.

Who is eligible to receive the award?

All faculty members who currently teach at either UAA or APU, regardless of rank (instructor, assistant professor, professor, etc.) or tenure status (tenure-track, tenured, non-tenure-track, or adjunct). Current UAA or APU staff who do not teach but have made a significant impact on textbook affordability at UAA or APU will also be considered.

Who selects winners from the nominations?

The Library Advisory Committee (includes faculty from both UAA and APU), Consortium Library Dean, and a representative from UAA Textbook Affordability. This is a competitive award and each year we receive more nominations than we can provide awards for.

Is this only for courses using OER?

No. This award focuses on courses with affordable materials (as close to no-cost as possible) more generally. In addition to OER, affordable course materials could be library materials, materials freely available online, materials created by the instructor (regardless of whether they are Creative Commons licensed), etc.

What does the review committee base its decision on?

The committee considers the following:

  • Specific cost savings to students, reaching as close to zero textbook cost (ZTC) as possible.
  • Sustainability and scale of impact, including number of students impacted.
  • Course materials used.
  • How the course was changed or improved.

Questions and Assistance

Questions regarding the Award should be directed to Sam Cook, Library Advisory Committee Chair, at

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This guide is maintained by Anna Bjartmarsdottir and D'Arcy Hutchings.