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Information Literacy Instruction Plan

The UAA/APU Consortium Library's information literacy instruction program information and assessment plan.

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Academic libraries add value to the teaching and learning missions of their universities through information literacy instruction. This guide describes the UAA/APU Consortium Library's Information Literacy Instruction Program.


The UAA/APU Consortium Library’s Information Literacy Instruction Program is an integral part of the Library’s mission by providing expert instruction on finding, evaluating, and using information effectively and efficiently. Faculty librarians use a variety of instructional methods to empower people to meet their academic, personal, and professional information needs. The Library’s instruction program is more vital than ever in a rapidly changing and overwhelming information environment.

The instruction program contributes to the UAA:

The instruction program contributes to the APU:




Who We Serve

The Library’s Information Literacy Instruction Program serves UAA and APU undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members.

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