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Peer Leader Navigators

Ways We can Help People

Remind community members to get screened for:

  • high blood pressure

Remind community members about getting vaccinations:

  • flu shots

Help people make a list of questions to use when they go to the doctor.

  • See Ask Me 3

Helping People Make Healthy Choices

Help people answer questions they have about healthy eating.

Encourage people to eat less fatty food and to decrease the foods they fry.

Help people get information about getting exercise.

Help people get information about their medications.

Help people get information about quitting smoking.

Call Your Doctor If

  1. You have any side effects or other problems with your medicines.
  2. You feel worse.
  3. You get a new medicine or you start taking any over-the-counter medicines.
  4. Find out about any tests.
  5. You have questions about the test.

Ask Me 3: Questions to Ask When You See Your Doctor

  1. What is my main problem?
  2. What do I need to do?
  3. Why is it important for me to do this?

Look for Answers

  • My doctor is recommending some kind of radio ablation for my atrial fibrillation. I just don't think I know enough, and I don't even know what kinds of questions to ask. Can you help me find out more about it, and what questions to ask my doctor?
  • My baby has a croupy cough. My mother-in-law tells me to just wrap the baby up and take her outside. Isn't this just an old wives' tale?
  • I was just prescribed warfarin for my heart. My sister says I'm supposed to tell my doctor everything I'm taking, even the supplements, but it seems silly to me. I'm just taking Asian ginseng to keep from catching a cold this winter. Is there a way to find out if there's any problem with that?
  • My LDL is a little high, but the doctor says it is mostly large, fluffy LDL so not to worry. Is it true that there is something called large, fluffy cholesterol?
  • My son's knee pops sometimes when he is playing basketball. I tell him he needs to go to the doctor, but his dad says he needs to just walk it off. They never listen to me. Is there some kind of video that I can show them about knee injuries?
  • My aunt needs to have dialysis. She lives near Austin, Texas. Can you help me find the best dialysis facility near Austin that has home hemodialysis training?

When You Help Someone Find Health Information Online

Why does the person need the information?

  • Is it for school, for themselves, or a friend or family member? This can help you find information that they need.

The person asking the questions may not be the person with the problem or illness.

  • When you look for information, it is important to know that medical information is different for children and adults.
  • Treatments can be different for people depending on their age, and if they are a man or a woman.

Always check words in a medical dictionary.

  • Spelling is important, especially for drug names.

Do not give a diagnosis or medical advice.

  • You can help them find the information. Then they need to ask their doctor if the information is right for them.