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Parts of MedlinePlus

MedlinePlus is a product of the National Library of Medicine.  It has many parts:

Health Topics: Over 900 health topics pages

Medical Encyclopedia: Pictures and 4,000 articles about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries

Interactive Health Tutorials: Slides that use animated graphics to explain conditions and procedures in easy-to-read language

Drugs, Supplements, and Herbal Information: Information on drugs and over-the-counter medicines, plus herbs and supplements

Current Health News: Late-breaking stories about medicine and health

Dictionary: Spellings, definitions, and how to say medical word

Multiple Languages: Links to health information in over 45 languages

Cool Tools: calculators, games, understanding medical words, and more

Each Health Topic: Left Side of Page

What is it?  Breast cancer affects one in eight women during their lives.....

Try These

Easy to read sections: A to Z option at the top or just move down the page to see all the topics.  Look for

Multiple languages: shows languages that have information on one or more health topics.

Refugee Health Information Network: health information for refugees and their doctors and nurses.

Each Health Topic: Right Side of Page

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