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CIS A376: Management Information Systems

Sample Academic Websites with Evaluation Criteria

Finding Website Evaluation Criteria Online

It is helpful to establish criteria by which to assess how credible a resource or website is.  Typically, .edu websites are more credible because they are produced by someone at a college or university.

To limit your search to websites produced by universities, add site:edu to the search strategy.  For example:  website evaluation site:edu

For the word websites, you could also use the terms:  web site, web page, web pages, internet, online information, and information sources.

If you searched for web site as two separate words, you could put quotation marks ("") around "web site" to tell the computer to search for those words next to each other, in that order.  For example, "web site" evaluation

For the word evaluation, you could also use the terms: evaluate, evaluates, evaluating, assess, assessing, assessment, credible, credibility, scholarly, and criteria

To search for variations of a word, like evaluate, you could add an asterisk (*) to the end of the partial word evaluat*, which would broaden your search results to include websites that contain evaluate, evaluates, evaluating or evaluation.  For example,  website evaluat*  

You will get different results using different word combinations in your search strategy.

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