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CIS A376: Management Information Systems

Citing Sources

Citing Sources Within Your Paper

When you quote, paraphrase, summarize, or otherwise refer to the work of another, you need to cite the source, using either parenthetical documentation or  a footnote. Some of the most commonly cited forms of material are listed here; for other types, please consult the appropriate style manual available at the Library’s reference desk.

Consider using RefWorks to keep track of your sources and to quickly format in-text citations and bibliographies.

Free Citation Generating Software

Each of these citation generating tools is free.  You may either export or cut-and-paste the citation into your paper.  It is always important to double-check the formatting before submitting your paper!

Citation Software

 A citation manager is a tool which helps you to store, organize and output your citations into a specific citation format.


RefWorks is an online citation management program that allows you to import citations from many of our databases and format them into any style you choose. To use RefWorks, you will need to create an account. You can do this from the log on screen. Please contact a librarian if you are using RefWorks from off campus and need the group code.



Zotero is a free Firefox extension that you can use to cite resources. The Zotero Quick Start Guide will help you get started.