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Peer Leader Navigators

About This Project

people with starGetting Good Health Information

· This is a special project

· We are excited and glad you are here                 

· We want to work together as partners

· We know we are all going to learn together

Share Our Story

open book

  • We would like to be able to write a story about our experience working with Peer Leader Navigators (PLNs).


  • We want to be able to share our story with others so that they can learn what we have learned.


  • This will involve us asking you some questions and taking some pictures.


  • Complete consent form




Sigrid Brudie is a medical librarian.  She works at the University of Alaska Anchorage in the Consortium Library.  Her office is on the second floor.  She works Tuesdays - Fridays most weeks.  She is available to help you.  Her phone number is 786-1610.  Her email is