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(Mike or D'Arcy can help set this up. Delete this text.)

In This Guide

If you can keep this guide to one tab, remove this box altogether. If you have more tabs, link to them in this box.  (Remove this text. Don't add new text here.)

Related Guides

For links to guides with more in-depth information/related content. (Remove this text. Don't add new text here.)

Course Guides

For links to course guides in the system. (Remove this text. Don't add new text here.)

How-to Guides

This is where you link tutorial content from How-To Guides. (Remove this text. Don't add new text.)

[Best Practices Document]

Please consult the best practices for libguides at the UAA/APU Consortium Library for more detailed guidance.

(Remove this box from your completed guide)

Starting Points

3-5 databases, organized in order from most likely to help someone doing research in this topic to least likely to help. 

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Beyond the Surface

Same idea as Starting Points, but here's where you give them those extra databases that will really help the advanced searcher, or the one who wants to dig a little deeper. The goal is still to keep this list fairly short, if at all possible, but it can be a little longer than Starting Points if it needs to be. 

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