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Mat-Su College: Writing

A guide for students taking Writing, particularly Writing 111, at Mat-Su College.


This guide is mostly for Mat-Su College Writing 111 students. It will help you find magazine articles, scholarly articles, government documents, and the like. It will also help you find pick good topics for your papers.

This QuickStart page has links to all the tools mentioned in this research guide. After you have read and understood the other pages of this guide, you can use this page as a convenient way to access each tool.

Find magazine and scholarly articles

Academic Search Premier is a great place to find journal or magazine articles. After doing your search use the "Academic Journals" or "Magazines" checkboxes on the left side of the screen.

Copyright (or lack thereof)

To the extent possible under law, Micah Muer has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Mat-Su College: Writing. This work is published from: United States.

Tools for picking a topic and finding opinions

Each of these tools lists topics you could use in a paper. They also show articles and other information about those topics.

Find a government document

Most government documents are freely available online. They can be found through or by adding to the end of a Google Search.

Find a movie

The library catalog lists movies, CDs, books, etc., at our library and most other Alaska libraries.