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Services for People Experiencing Disabilities

Library services and accommodations for people experiencing disabilities.

Commitment to Access

The Consortium Library is committed to creating an environment of respect and inclusion, and we strive to ensure equitable access. Library faculty and staff will make good faith efforts to provide reasonable accommodations for accessing and using library facilities, resources, and services.

Library Building


Disability and wheelchair accessible parking spaces are located in each parking lot adjacent to the library near each entrance.

Building Accessibility

  • Power-assisted doors at all public entrances.
  • Elevator access to all levels. Each elevator has Braille and tactile numbering and lettering inside as well as Braille numbers outside.
  • Wheelchair accessible stalls in all publicly available restrooms.
  • Accessible water fountains throughout the library.
  • Wheelchair accessible study tables and computers available on the first floor.
  • Interior library doors have Braille and tactile room numbers either on or beside each door.
  • Wheelchair available for use during your visit. Contact Access Services (call 907.786.1871, option 3), preferably in advance.

Evacuation Assistance

In the event of an emergency, call 911 and provide your location (UAA/APU Consortium Library, 3211 Providence Dr.). If you need to be evacuated before professional help arrives, there is a MedSled evacuation stretcher available just outside the Dean's office on the third floor (Room 302).


A high contrast, tactile, and braille campus map (part of the campus Wayfinding system) is located across from the main circulation desk. The UAA Wayfinding app (iOS) will direct you within the library. Contact UAA Disability Support Services for more information.

Events at the Library

If you need accommodation (e.g., ASL interpreter) in order to attend a event taking place at the library, please contact the event's sponsor in advance.

Service Animals

The library welcomes service animals. Assistance animals and emotional support animals are only allowed when an accommodation has been made in advance through UAA Disability Support Services or APU Disability Support Services. See Service and Assistance Animals at UAA for more information.

Library Resources

Proxy Checkout

You can designate another person to check out materials for you. This person must show your university ID card or library card each time. Contact Head of Access Services (907.786.1827) in advance to arrange for proxy checkout.

Retrieval of Library Materials

Library staff will retrieve materials for those who have difficulty doing so. When possible, place a hold on the item(s) that you need. You can also ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk. Library staff will make every effort to quickly retrieve the items.

Scanning of Articles and Materials

Students, staff, and faculty can request scans of items held in the library's print collection including journal articles, newspaper articles, and book chapters to be delivered to you electronically. Place a request using your Interlibrary Loan (ILL) account.

Accessible Versions of Books

Audio and large-print books are available in the library catalog. Additional titles are available through Alaska Digital Library or Interlibrary Loan (ILL). For those eligible, braille items may also be available through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Database Accessibility

Typically, library databases explain their accessibility features in a Help or Tips menu. If you need assistance, Ask Us.

Assistive & Adaptive Technologies

Computer Workstation

One accessible computer workstation is located by the Research Help Desk on the first floor of the library and is available for use by UAA and APU users. Table and chair heights are adjustable. This computer is equipped with specialized software (see next section). Priority will be given UAA and APU users with disabilities who are using this computer for research or academic purposes.


The accessible computer workstation described above is equipped with assistive technology software, which offers support for tasks such as reading text out loud. UAA and APU users seeking instruction or assistance in the use of this software should contact UAA Disability Support Services or APU Disability Support Services. Anyone seeking basic computer help (such as how to print, Word or Google Docs troubleshooting, etc.) may request assistance at the Research Help Desk.

All library computers are equipped with either Windows accessibility features or Mac accessibility features.

You will need headphones for any audio components of accessibility software.

Additional Equipment

Video Relay Phone

A publicly available video relay phone is located in the Copy Room for those who use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. For more information, contact UAA Disability Support Services.

Text Magnifier

A text magnifying machine for printed text is available near the Research Help Desk on the first floor.

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