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COMM A111 - Information Literacy Integration

Information Literacy Activities and Assessment Incorporated into COMM A111, Fundamentals of Oral Communication, during 2013-2014

Evaluating Sources

The information literate student examines information from sources using evaluation criteria that considers reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness, and/or point of view or bias.

Useful Resources

Library Session Activity: Exploring Evaluation Criteria Websites

Students are asked to search for websites about evaluating websites, and select a "credible site" on this topic.  Examples of how this can be searched are listed on the board to demonstrate that there are different ways to search for the same topic.

evaluating websites

evaluating web sites

web site evaluation

website evaluation

evaluating web pages

evaluating information

After the students conduct the search, select a site and review criteria (about 5 minutes), the librarian asks why students chose the site they did, and one or two students report on that.  Then students are asked to share what criteria for evaluating websites is listed on the site they selected.  The librarian makes a list on the board based on the criteria students identify from the pages they selected.

Assessment:   Students conduct a search and select website on website evaluation.  Students answer questions about what evaluation criteria is listed on the website, ask questions, and provide feedback.