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ENGR 151 Introduction to Engineering

This course guide provides information and resources to support ENGR A151 assignments.


In This Guide

Engineering Resources -- Best Bets

Engineering Ebooks

General Search Tips

Need to narrow or broaden your search? Try these tips:

Narrow your search

• Use AND between concept ideas (keywords, phrases)

• Use quotations to look for search phrases rather than individual words (e.g., "artificial intelligence")

Broaden your search

• Use OR between keywords, especially for related terms, synonyms

• Shorten a word to its root (truncate it) and add an asterisk (*)
         For example, a search for pollut* will retrieve pollute, polluted, pollution   

Boolean Searching



AND - looks for items that have both Robot AND Construction
           (this will narrow your search)


OR - looks for items that have Robot OR Construction but not necessarily both
        (this will broaden your search)


NOT - will eliminate any article that includes the word(s) you specify

(i.e., robot AND construction NOT "artifiicial intelligence" will produce results about robots and construction, but will remove anything about artificial intelligence even if the item discusses robots and construction)

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