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The History guide provides links to reliable database and web resources.

Reference Books

A good place to start gathering information about themes or events in WESTERN CIVILIZATION

Oxford History of Western Philosophy   REF B 72.O8 1994

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (6 vol.)   REF CB 361.E52 1999

Encyclopedia of World History (6 vol.)   REF D 21.E5775 2008

Dictionary of the Middle Ages (13 vol.)   REF D 114.D5 1982

Historic World Leaders (5 vol.)   REF D 412.H57 1994

Readers Guide to British History (2 vol.)   REF DA 34.R43 2003

Encyclopedia of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (3 vol.)   REF DC 220.E53 2006

Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization   REF DE 5.O92 1998

Edinburgh Companion to Ancient Greece & Rome     REF DE 59.E3 2006

Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (3 vol.)   REF DF 521.O93 1991

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World (6 vol.)   REF DS 35.53.O96 2009

Historical Atlas of Empires   REF G 1030.F37 2002

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life (6 vol.)   REF GT 31.G74 2004

The Times Atlas of European History   REF G 1797.21.S1 T5 1994

RefWorks / Manage Your Research


RefWorks -- an online research management, writing and collaboration tool -- is designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.

Set up an account using your UAA/APU user ID and Password, and start organizing and sharing your research.

Starting Points

Western Civilization Web Resources


The Labyrinth - Sources in Medieval History

AVALON Project - documents in Law, History & Diplomacy

EuroDocs - online sources for European History

British History Online

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,  Exploring the French Revolution

Internet History Sourcebooks Project / Fordham University   

WesternCivilization Webliography Project

Classics of Western Philosophy

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