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HIST A477: Politics and Political Movements in 20th Century U.S. History

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Archives (Will Require In-Library Work)


Village Journey: The Report of the Alaska Native Review Commission  ALASKA E78.A3 B47 1985

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (1971): Legislative History   ALASKA KFA1705.6.C57 A45

The Alaska Native Reader: History, Culture, Politics   ALASKA F904.A364 2009


Working With The Tundra Times

The Tundra Times is an invaluable resource for Alaska Native voices and viewpoints from 1962 through 1997.  Thanks to the Tuzzy Consortium Library in Utqiagvik, the Tundra Times has been digitized and made available online.  I recommend using Chrome.  Searches get stuck too frequently in Safari.  I have not tried other browsers.  If you think it might be stuck, try a simple search that has to have results, like ‘Alaska.’  If it still comes up with nothing, reload the database and try again.  If you click on ‘Home’ at the top, you can then find the return link to ‘Newspapers’ (i.e., Tundra Times) at the upper left.

The database is fairly simple: click on the word ‘Search’ and you can search on terms, while if you click on the word ‘Browse,’ you can browse page and article images.  Search is best for subjects, such as land claims.  Browse is best for known time periods, such as the signing of ANCSA on December 18th, 1971.  If clicking on text doesn't work, click on the icon next to the text.

It is important to note some date limitations.  While the newspaper began in 1962 and the years 1962, 63, and 64 are included in the date range popup menu under Search, they are phantom years:  nothing actually appears online until 1965.  For 1962-64, you’ll need to use the microfilm, which begins on October 1st, 1962.  Look for MF18 in the microfilm drawers; Circulation workers can direct you to it.

Browse begins with the March 1st, 1965 issue.  An important feature of Browse is that each issue will give you two links.  For example, ‘Page 4 [view articles]’ will provide a full-page image if you click on ‘Page 4,’ but it will provide a list of the individual articles on that page if you click on ‘[view articles]’; that’s a quick and easy way of seeing what’s on a page without actually having to load the full pdf.  However, no full-page image appears before the January 6th, 1967 issue; individual article images DO appear back to the first online issue in 1965.