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Open Access of Scholarly Publications Policy

Collection development policy for resources that freely available.


Open Access resources not found in the areas, collections, or tools mentioned throughout this guide can be considered for individual entry in the Library’s catalog.  The following are the criteria an OA resource must meet.

  1. Objective value criteria of content, appropriate academic in nature and integrity
    • quality (artistic content, research design, or literary content)
    • authoritative, credentials of the author/organization clearly available
    • lasting value
    • currency (Alaska related exempt)
    • access through indexing, notes, or bibliography
    • scope
    • consistency
  2. Subjective value criteria of content
    • Meets curriculum and educational or research program needs of the universities
    • Content is related to Alaska, arctic, or polar topics
  3. Organization or company supplying the OA resource will be reputable, secure, and provide long-term access of the digital content
  4. The resource provides information to create a full (not brief) MARC record for it
  5. Provide a stable URL

If such a resource meets these criteria and is placed into the Library’s catalog, then it is noted here that maintenance of the catalog record is minimal and CL is not held responsible if the OA resource is not or no longer available at any given time. 

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Jodee Kuden
Head of Collection Development
Rm 116B