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Refrigeration and Heating at Mat-Su College

A guide for students taking Refrigeration and Heating courses at Mat-Su College.

Why bother with books?

The library has books on refrigeration and heating subjects. Here are just a few from the last couple of years that our library owns:

  • Combined heat and power design guide (2015)
  • Geothermal heating and cooling : design of ground-source heat pump systems (2014)
  • ASHRAE greenguide : design, construction, and operation of sustainable buildings (2013)

These are just some of our newer print books. Many new books are available through the library as eBooks.

Where the books are

The library's refrigeration and Heating books in two places.

Most are in the general collection on the second floor. You can check these out for four weeks.

Some refrigeration and heating books, such as books on standards, are in the reference room. The reference room is the small room next to the checkout desk on the first floor. You can't check out these reference books.

The library organizes books by by subject. Letters and numbers on a sticker on a book's spine say what the book is about. You don't need to know how the library assigns these letters and numbers. But you should know that each subject has its own area. Refrigeration and heating books are in the TH and TP sections.

How to find books here at Mat-Su College and other local libraries

To search what we have in this and other local libraries, search the library catalog. The library catalog is a database of all the items in local libraries. The "Just Mat-Su" search box on the library website searches this database.

Screenshot of Just Mat-Su search box on library homepage

To learn more about searching the library catalog, including how to request materials from other local libraries, you should take this interactive guide to the library catalog.

Getting the book you want when Mat-Su College library doesn't have it

What should you do when the item you want isn't in the library catalog? Don't fret -- you can still get it!

Just click the "Interlibrary Loan" link on the library website, as seen in the screenshot below.

Screenshot showing location of Interlibrary Loan link on library page

Then fill out the Interlibrary Loan form with your name, library card number, and information about the item you want. The item will be obtained from a library that has the item, no matter where in the world that library is. This is a free service.