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Mat-Su College: Refrigeration and Heating

A guide for students taking Refrigeration and Heating courses at Mat-Su College.

Introduction to QuickSearch

With QuickSearch you can search thousands of magazines, newspapers, and journals, all at once. QuickSearch lets you find RH articles from many publications.

QuickSearch Example

Let's say you want to find articles on plate heat exchangers. QuickSearch is a good place to start.

Start from the Mat-Su College library website. Enter your search terms in the QuickSearch box:

Screenshot of QuickSearch search bar location on library site

... and then I press enter.

In the search results there are many articles on plate heat exchangers:

Screenshot of search results in QuickSearch

Some of these are academic and theoretical. These may not help very much on the job. Fortunately, the left-hand portion of the screen contains options to filter out certain search results. In this case, you may want to filter out everything except trade publication articles.

Click "More" under Content Type, then "Trade Publication Article," then Apply:

Screenshot of using the limits sidebar in QuickSearch

Now only trade publication articles remain. You can continue to filter out results by date, by language, etc.

To read an article click on its title. If I am at home I may have to login with my Blackboard username and password.