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Mat-Su College: Music

Guide for Music courses at Mat-Su College

The different kinds of articles

You are probably familiar with newspaper and magazine articles. You can find these through the library website.

There is another kind of article called a journal article that may be less familiar to you.

Journal articles appear in a kind of publication called a scholarly journal. Journal articles are typically written by professors or other experts. Journal articles are typically focused on one narrow topic, are typically written for other experts, and are longer than magazine articles but shorter than books.

Journal articles in the arts field might have titles like:

  • Emigré Graphic Designers in Britain: Around the Second World War and Afterwards
    Inuit Prints, Japanese Inspiration: Early Printmaking in the Canadian Arctic
    The Golden Gate in Constantinople: A Triumphal Arch of Theodosius I

In comparison, magazine articles will typically be simpler, shorter, and written for a wider, less expert audience.

At any rate, the best place to find any kind of article is the library website. Using the library website, you will have access to millions of articles for free.

Where do I find scholarly articles?

Believe it or not, many articles are not available for free on the open web. You'll want to use an article database -- a searchable collection of articles -- that the library pays for and makes available to you.

To find the library's list of databases, click the "Research Databases" link on the library website:

MSC library homepage with Research Databases link highlighted

There are a few databases you will find particularly useful for art research:

You will be asked to login when you try to enter an article database. Login using your UA username and password (i.e., what you use for Blackboard).

Read the next sections to learn how to use Academic Search Premier and JSTOR.

How do I use Academic Search Premier?

When you enter Academic Search Premier, you will see a page with a lot of buttons and search boxes. Don't be overwhelmed. Focus on the search bar at the top of the page.

Enter your search terms on the first search bar and click "Search."

Screenshot of Academic Search Premier's default search page, with Roman Sculpture entered in search box.

In the search results page, you can filter out results using the options and sliders on the left. Once you have found an article that sounds interesting, either click its title for more details or read the article by clicking "PDF Full Text," "HTML Full Text," or "Check Library for Full Text."

Academic Search Premier search results for "Roman sculpture"

How do I use JSTOR?

JSTOR has a clean interface. In JSTOR you will see just one search bar. Enter your search terms:

Screenshot of JSTOR search interface

In the search results you can click an article's title to see more details and get a page-by-page view inside your browser. Once again, you can also use the options on the left to filter out some search results.

JStor search results page