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Mat-Su College: Paramedical Technology

A guide for students taking PMED courses at Mat-Su College and other UAA campuses.


Some databases focus on collecting articles about a specific subject, like biology or sports. But for subjects like history, paramedicine, or anthropology, where we have no dedicated databases, we can use QuickSearch. QuickSearch is a tool that will search many databases at once.

Quicksearch is also the default search box on the Mat-Su College Library website.

On the QuickSearch search page, you can quickly limit your results to a particular discipline with a single click. Here is an example of searching for anthropology articles:

Screenshot of QuickSearch advanced search interface, with the "Anthropology" discipline selected

In the search results, click on the title of an item to read it, or click the quotation mark icon in order to generate a citation:

Screenshot of QuickSearch search results page