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LEGAL 215 Legal Ethics and Role of Legal Professional

Legal Print Resources Assignment

LEGL 215

Spring 2014

Print Library Legal Resources

Using the print collection in UAA’s Consortium Library, please answer the following questions.

1. In the Alaska Digest 2d, what case is digested under the topic Intoxicating Liquors, keynumber 169? ______________________________________________________________________

a. What is the subtopic name of the keynumber?___________________________________

b. In what volume and on what page number is the case reported? ________________

c. What court decided the case?____________________________________________

d. What was the year of decision? ____________________________________________

e. What statutes were discussed in the case? ___________________________________

2. In the 2012 Session Laws for Alaska, what statute is amended at chapter 33? _______________

a. What was the effective date of the amendment? _______________________________

b. To what did the amendment relate? ________________________________________

c. In what volume of the 2012 Session Laws for Alaska does chapter 33 appear? _______

3. On what date did the Consortium Library receive 46 CFR Parts 41-69? ____________________

a. To what does 46 CFR 42.09-50 relate? _______________________________________

b. On what page of the print volume does this regulation appear? __________________

c. On what page of the CFR Index and Findings Aids dated January 1, 2013 does Popcorn appear?




d. What anniversary is commemorated on the index cover? ________________________

4. What statute appears at the top of page 527 of Volume 6 of the Alaska Statutes printed November, 2012?


a. What constitutional provision is cross-referenced below the statute? _______________

5. On page 496 of the index to the 2012 Alaska Statutes, what is the first subcategory of statute listed under Education? _________________________________________________________

6. Using the index to the Alaska Statutes, identify the statute addressing promotion of exhibits of fighting animals ____________________________________________________________________________

7. Using the Alaska Administrative Code published in October 2013, identify the geographic area for which fishing sessions and daily fishing periods are described in volume 3 on page 65.


8. Using the USCA printed in 2008, on what page will you find note 123 for 18 U.S.C.A. § 751? _________________________________________________________________________

a. What is the last case digested on that page? ________________________________

9. Using Am Jur 2d, what is the volume and page number of the entry on Veterinarians’ diligence in attending to animals and abandonment of cases? ______________________________________

a. What case holds that a veterinarian is liable for abandoning care of an animal once he or she has taken the case? ______________________________________________________



10. Using volume 21A of Wright & Grahan’s Federal Practice and Procedure (2005), identify the topic discussed on page 324 _____________________________________________________

a. What law review article referenced on that page addresses Conflicting Rights? ___________________________________________________________________

11. Using Volume 2C of West’s Federal Forms (2004), what form is provided at section 2617? ___________________________________________________________________________

a. What is the federal rule on which the form is based? _________________________

12. Using Administrative Law Treatise (5th ed) by Richard J. Pierce Jr., describe the summary of the legal doctrine discussed at section 15.8 on page 1283 __________________________________

a. What is the last full case citation on that page? ______________________________________