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LEGAL 215 Legal Ethics and Role of Legal Professional

Lessons Learned

  • Embedding Information Literacy can be done without too much difficulty
  • It can really help students in your discipline to connect with the discipline in a way that then crosses over to others by helping them to gain a universal vocabulary


This course is the gateway course for the rest of the Legal Studies program.  It is the prerequisite for all other courses besides Law .  This is an excellent place to embed information literacy to develop skills needed for the remainder of the courses.  As an Introduction to Legal Ethics, it is an excellent place to help students understand the importance of authoritative sources of information and the legal and ethical implications of not engaging with high quality sources of information.

Course Description:

Studies legal ethics and the nonlawyer professional’s role in a law office, corporate or public interest legal department, or government agency. Explores nature, scope and ethics of legal practice and the relationship of nonlawyer staff to lawyers, clients, the court system and the public. Legal practice in Alaska and the rules governing the unauthorized practice of law are emphasized. Foundational practice skills and principles of legal research and writing are introduced. Emphasizes professional skills development. Legal specialty course.


  1. Identify the genesis of paraprofessional roles in American legal practice and the key factors shaping development of those roles.
  2. Relate the rules of legal ethics and unauthorized practice of law in Alaska to specific categories of paraprofessional activity.
  3. Recognize the allocation of professional responsibility between paraprofessional staff and lawyers, and the duties of paraprofessionals to the client, legal tribunals, and third parties.
  4. Interpret legal terminology and demonstrate foundational legal practice skills and basic principles of legal research and writing.


Methods used to assess student learning include:

  • Pre- and post survey
  • Print Legal Resources Assignment
  • Classroom Discussion Prompts regarding authoritative sources in the context of the Law and Legal Ethics
  • Library Research Workshop - Lexis-Nexis and HeinOnline

Subject Guide

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Page Brannon
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Subjects: Justice / Law