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English 111--Introduction to Composition

How to I find items on Reserve?

Go to  the Library Catalog

Choose the Course Reserves tab

You can then search by Instructor's Last Name or Course Number.

Supporting Class Texts

Because in-text citation, learning to evaluate sources critically and to use them effectively and purposefully at the sentence level, is more challenging in many ways than end-of-text citation, learning to prepare a bibliography, we believe it is worth mentioning the book we will use to help students learn those skills—They Say/ I Say, by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein (2006). This support text, which has already been requisitioned for the course, outlines three highlights in its preface:

·       Shows that writing well means entering a conversation, summarizing others (“they say”) to set up one’s own argument (“I say”).

·       Demystifies academic writing, showing students “the moves that matter” in language they can readily apply.

Provides user-friendly templates to help writers make those moves in their own writing.

Find Books

Search the Library Catalog

If you know the title of the book, click Title 
Example: Nursing theory and its implications for practice.  For more help watch this short how-to video.

If you are searching for books on a topic, choose Keyword. Example: "qualitative research" nursing.

What do I do if the book is signed out?

If a book that you want is already signed out, you can place a HOLD to be notified when the book is returned.  There may be a wait list for popular titles.

Go to that item in the catalog and click on Place a Hold on the far right.  Watch this short how-to video for more information.

What do I do if the book I want is not at UAA

To find books in other libraries, search WorldCat. Use it's Interlibrary Loan link to request the item.  Or go to Interlibrary Loan & Doc Delivery.  Create an account if this is your first time or enter your Blackboard login. 

Books arrive within 10 to 28 days depending on the sending library’s mailing policy.