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Speech-Language Pathology

Guide to speech-language pathology resources to use in your research.


In This Guide

Library Books

Speech-language print books are located on the second floor of the Consortium Library, mostly in these areas:

HV 1551-3024  People with Disabilities

LC 3950-4806.5  Exceptional Children and Youth, Special Education

P 118-118.75  Language Acquisition

P 121-149  Science of Language

RC 346-429  Diseases of the Nervous System (Including Speech Disorders)

WL 340.2  Communication Disorders, Speech-Language Pathology

WL 340.3  Speech Therapy, Language Therapy

WL 340.5  Aphasia

WL 340.6  Dyslexia

WM 203.5  Autistic Disorder (adults)

WM 420.5.N4  Neurolinguistic Therapy

WM 450  Activity Therapy, Sensory Art Therapies

WS 105.5.C8  Communication, Verbal Behavior (normal mental growth and development)

WS 107.5.C6  Communication (mentally disabled child)

WS 350.8  Autistic Disorder (children and adults)