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Multimodal Composition: Resources for Faculty and Students

Provides guidance in developing teaching modules that utilize multimodal projects in fostering rhetorical understanding of composition.

Multimodal Composition: How Many Pages will They Write?

Multimodal Composition: Background Reading

Why Multimodal Composition?

Other disciplines across campus are moving to multimodal texts in their courses...Our students need to know how to write to learn, and write to inform and persuade in these forms as well as they do in print. --Browyn Williams

From an early age, students are sophisticated readers and producers of multimodal work.  Students should be invited to collaborate with their teachers in the study of new literacies--and aspects of integrating these literacies into the curriculum.  

Evaluating assignments based on their ability to accomplish their purpose and appeal to a particular audience is something we already do as instructors, and we can easily apply these measures to non-alphabetic texts as well.  When approached with a plan and a rubric, the task of evaluating multimodal compositions is not that different from grading traditional text-based compositions.

Multimodal and Digital Writing Across the Disciplines


Multimodal Composition: Getting Started