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EBSCO Ebooks

A guide to using and downloading ebooks from the EBSCO eBook Collection.

EBSCO Ebooks on a Mac

If you use a Mac computer, you will need a special PDF browser plug-in to read EBSCO ebooks online. Otherwise, each individual page of an ebook will download to your computer, making viewing difficult.

Download the Schubert|it plug-in.

EBSCO Ebooks

You can search or browse for EBSCO ebooks directly from the EBSCO eBook Collection platform:

1. Enter your search terms into the search box or browse by category

2. A result list of ebooks is displayed

3. Click the eBook Full Text link to read the book online in the eBook Viewer tool

4. Click the Download (Offline) link to check out the ebook and read it on your computer using Adobe Digital Editions (See Check Out/Download EBSCO Ebooks for instructions)