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Ebooks @ the Consortium Library

A guide to finding, using, and downloading ebooks at the UAA/APU Consortium Library.

What is an Ebook?

An electronic book, or ebook, is a book that is available online in a full text format. Ebooks offer convenient access and enhanced search capabilities. The way you access, read, and use an ebook varies depending on restrictions put in place by the publisher of the book.

How Do I Read an Ebook?

Ebooks can be viewed on any computer via a web browser. Some publishers will allow you to download ebook content to your computer or transfer it to a mobile device. See Reading/Downloading Ebooks for more information.

Does the Library Have Ebooks?

The Consortium Library purchases or subscribes to thousands of ebooks covering a wide variety of subjects. See Ebook Collections for an overview of what the Library has or see Finding Ebooks to get started.

What is Digital Rights Management?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) software controls the use of digital content such as downloadable songs, DVDs, games, and ebooks. DRM software manages loan periods for checkouts and allows for the transfer of downloaded ebooks to a variety of mobile devices. It also limits what users can do by preventing wide-scale distribution of digital content or printing of large amounts of text in order to protect publisher/author rights.