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Ebooks @ the Consortium Library

A guide to finding, using, and downloading ebooks at the UAA/APU Consortium Library.

Reading Ebooks

How do I read an ebook? Access to ebooks is limited to current students, faculty, and staff. If you are off-campus, you will need to log in with your university email username/password to view the ebook.

Do I need an ebook reader? Most of the Library's ebooks can be read on any computer or laptop using a web browser without any additional software or reading device. Many ebooks are available in PDF format and can be viewed, saved, and printed using free Adobe Reader software.

What features do ebooks have? Some publishers require you to create a free account to view the ebook, use personalized features, or print portions of the ebook. Publishers might also place restrictions on the number of pages you are allowed to print at one time. For a brief overview of ebook features and restrictions by publisher, see Ebook Collections.

Downloading Ebooks

Some of the Library's ebooks can be checked out and downloaded to a computer or transferred to a mobile device for a limited time. The three main ebook platforms that offer this feature are Ebrary, EBSCO, and Alaska Digital Library.

These ebooks are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. In order to check out or download one of these ebooks, you will first have to download free DRM software to your personal computer. This software also allows for the transfer of DRM-protected ebooks to a variety of mobile devices.

In general, to check out/download one of these ebooks, you will first need:

  • An account on the ebook platform
  • DRM software (such as Adobe Digital Editions) downloaded to your personal computer*
  • Optional: DRM-compatible third-party software (for some mobile devices)

For more information on how to checkout/download ebooks, see the How-To Guides for each ebook platform:

Ebrary Ebooks

EBSCO Ebooks

Alaska Digital Library Ebooks

Note: Most of the Library's ebooks allow you to save a section or chapter of the book as a PDF file which can be read on a computer or transferred to many mobile devices. These PDF files can be saved indefinitely and do not expire as checked out/downloaded ebooks do.

* Due to privacy/security issues, DRM software cannot be downloaded to Library computers

Adobe Digital Editions

To check out/download ebooks you will need Adobe Digital Editions software.

1. Download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to your personal computer.

2. Create an Adobe ID account. The first time you run ADE, you will be asked to activate it with your Adobe ID and password.

3. Read and manage your ebooks on your computer directly from within the ADE interface.

4. If supported*, sync the computer with your mobile device and transfer the ebook from your computer to your device. Mobile devices must be authorized with your ADE ID.

*ADE does not support Amazon Kindle e-readers. See the Adobe site for a list of mobile devices that are supported by ADE.