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Library Survey Response: Answers To Your Questions

LibQual Survey FAQs

As a student, how can I learn more about using library resources?

Our newest resource for users and an excellent place to begin is our Library Services page. Choose your user group (student, faculty, community user) to find our most-requested library services. Our Research Guides detail the best places to find information on your topic or in your discipline. The library Virtual Tour provides a brief introductory tour of the library, its collections, and services. And, if this doesn’t completely answer your question, we welcome you to Ask Us.

As a faculty member, what can I do to help my students become more proficient researchers?

We encourage UAA and APU faculty to arrange a library instruction session for classes that involve a research assignment.  You can consult with one of our librarians who will deliver course or assignment specific instruction sessions. Requesting a session can be done online via our Instruction Request Form.

Though formal library sessions tend to be the most effective means of ensuring students have the necessary skills, you may also refer students to our Services for Students page.

Are all library instructions sessions the same? I teach a 400 level Business class and most of my students said that they have already attended a library instruction session in freshman English.

Not all library instruction sessions are the same. After requesting a library session, the library instructor assigned to teach it should always contact you for specific information about what you want covered and what specific research assignments your students are assigned. In any case it is always appropriate for you to Request a Library Instruction Session to discuss your views about the content, scope, and organization of the library session.  We typically provide a general overview to library resources in lower division classes but target higher-level information literacy skills in upper division classes.