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Research Papers: Step by Step

Writing a Research Paper Links

The following links further discuss the research paper process.

Assignment Research Calculators

Writing a Research Paper: Step by Step

Here is one way to break down the assignment.

1.  Read your assignment. What is expected?

2.  Pick a topic.

3.  Write your Thesis Statement.  

 4.  Find your information sources. More than what is required is better. You can always eliminate sources.

5.  Possibly revise your Thesis Statement.                           

6.  Write an Outline.

7.  Review your sources for supporting quotes and paraphrased information. Write note cards.

8.   Create References page.

9.  Write a draft.

10.  Edit draft and spell check.

11.  Ask someone to proof-read your paper.

12.  Revise and complete. Now you can hand it in!!



Types of Essays and Writing

Subject Guide

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Formulating a Topic

  1. Brainstorm for ideas
  2. Read general background information
  3. Focus in on a topic
  4. Make a list of keywords
  5. Be flexible
  6. Research and read more about your topic
  7. Formulate a thesis statement or research question