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SPAN 301/302: Advanced Spanish

This course guide will help you locate information in English and Spanish for your research project in Advanced Spanish.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Citation Management

Store all your citations in one place and easily create your bibliographies using RefWorks.

What is a Citation?

 A citation...

  • describes a book, journal article, website, or other published item.
  • prevents plagiarism by giving credit to the originator of an idea.
  • enables the reader to locate the item.
  • includes the author, title, publisher and place of publication, DOI or URL, and date.

Why Should I Cite?

You must credit the source of anyone else's ideas that you use or mention in your writing. If you don't, you are plagiarizing -- an offense with serious consequences.

Example of Bibliography/Works Cited for SPAN 301/302

When creating the Bibliografía/Obras Citadas include the format of the source at the end of the citation:

Web = Fuente electrónica

Print = Fuente impresa

Example in MLA format:

OWL at Purdue

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University provides guidance on how to format in-text citations and bibliographies.

Style Manuals in Print