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Tests & Measurement Instruments

The Tests and Measurement Instruments guide provides links to reliable database and web resources.

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Electronic Books Containing Measurement Instruments

Measuring Violence-Related Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviors among Youths: A Compendium of Assessment Tools (2nd Ed.)
Dahlberg LL, Toal SB, Swahn M, & Behrens CB
Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 2005

Full Text Available Online

Multidimensional Measurement of Religiousness/Spirituality for Use in Health Research
Fetzer Institute

Kalamazoo, MI: Fetzer Institute, 1999
(list of instruments not available, see table of contents)

Full Text Available Online

Library Reference Books Containing Measurement Instruments

Communication Research Measures: A Sourcebook
Rubin RB, Palmgreen P & Sypher HE
New York: Guilford Pr., 1994

(68 complete instruments)
REF P91.3 .C62 1994

Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures
Davis, CM (Ed.)
Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publ., 1998

(196 complete instruments)
REF HQ60 .H36 1998

Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes
Robinson JP, Shaver PR & Wrightsman LS San Diego: Academic Pr., 1991
(112 complete instruments)

REF BF698.4 .M38 1990

Measures of Political Attitudes
Robinson JP, Shaver PR & Wrightsman LS
New York: Academic Pr., 1999

(149 complete instruments)
REF JA74.5 .M43 1999

Positive Psychological Assessment: A Handbook of Models and Measures
Washington, DC: American Psychological Association

(19 complete instruments)
REF BF176 .P76 2003

Measures for Clinical Practice and Research: A Sourcebook
Corcoran K & Fischer J
New York: Free Press/Oxford University Press

1987 edition (133 complete instruments)
1994 edition (331 complete instruments)
2000 edition (423 complete instruments)
2007 edition (471 complete instruments)
2013 edition (
551 complete instruments)

REF BF176 .C66 2007 V.1 & 2

Tests and Measurements in Child Development: Handbook II
Johnson, Orval G.
San Francisco: Jossey Bass, 1976

(Catalog Record) 
REF BF722 .J643 vol. 1-2

Circulating Books Containing Measurement Instruments

Handbook of Marketing Scales: Multi-item Measures for Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research
Bearden WO, Netemeyer RG, & Mobley MF
Newbury Park, Calif: Sage, 1999
2nd edition 1999 (
197 complete instruments)
3rd edition 2011 (
many complete instruments)
Gen. Coll. – 2nd Floor- HF 5415.3 .B323 

Handbook of Organizational Measurement
Price, JL & Mueller, CW
Marshfield, MA: Pitman, 1986

(26 complete instruments)
Gen. Coll. – 2nd Floor- HM131 .P728 1986

Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement
Miller DC
Newbury Park, CA: Sage

6th Edition, 2002 (
Catalog Record)
5th Edition, 1991 (51 complete instruments
) - Avail. via ILL
4th Edition, 1983 (
36 complete instruments) - Avail. via ILL
Gen. Coll. – 2nd Floor- H62 .M44 2002

Handbook of Scales for Research in Crime and Delinquency
Brodsky SL & Smitherman HO
NY: Plenum, 1983

(99 complete instruments)
Gen. Coll. 2nd Floor- HV9274 .B76 1983

Handbook of Tests and Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences
Lester PE; Bishop LK.
Lancaster, PA: Technomic Publishing Co., 2001

(125 complete instruments)
Gen. Coll. – 2nd Floor- LB3051 .L4543 2000

Instruments for Measuring Nursing Practice and Other Health Care Variables
Ward MJ, Lindeman CA, eds.
Wash.: US Govt. Print. Off., 1979

Table of Contents:
Vol.1, Vol. 2
Title Index (both volumes)
Gov Docs - 2nd Floor - HE 20.6602:In 7/3/v.1-2

Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires
McDowell I & Newell C
New York: Oxford Univ. Press

3rd edition, 2006 (table of contents)
Gen. Coll. - 2nd Floor - WA900.1 .B478m 2006

Measuring Health: A Review of Quality of Life Measurement Scales
Bowling A
New York: Open University Press, 2005

(3 complete instruments)
Gen. Coll. - 2nd Floor- WA900.1 .B787m1997

Measurement and Evaluation in Early Childhood Education
Wortham, Sue Clark
San Antonio: University of Texas, 1995

Some informal measures included:
Catalog Record)
LB3051 .W64 1995

Positive Psychological Assessment: A Handbook of Models and Measures
Lopez SJ; Snyder CR
Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, 2003

(19 complete instruments)
Gen. Coll. – 1st Floor- BF176 .P76 2003

Research Instruments in Social Gerontology
Mangen DJ, Peterson WA, eds.
Minneapolis, MN : University of Minnesota Press, c1982-c1984

Table of Contents:
Catalog Record)
Gen. Coll. - 2nd Floor- HQ1061.R44 1982 Vol. 1 & 3

The Sourcebook of Nonverbal Measures: Going Beyond Words
Manusov V. (2005).
Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2005

(27 complete instruments)
Gen. Coll. – 2nd Floor- P99.5 .S58 2004