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Nursing Leadership - Masters in Nursing Education

Resources for students in the Masters in Nursing Education Progam

Locating Guidelines

What is PICOS?

One of the steps in the EBP process includes locating the best-available evidence. To help with this step, PICOS was developed. PICOS is a mnemonic tool to help researchers formulate a searchable question. This tool was developed by McMaster University and Health Evidence™

Population/Patient/Problem For which group do you need information?

Intervention What medical event do you need to study the effect of?

Comparison What is the evidence that the intervention produces different results than a different or no intervention?

Outcome What is the effect of the intervention?

Setting/Study Type Where is the research done (e.g., ambulatory setting) or type of study (e.g., RCT)?          

Databases and Point-of-Care Tools

Search Tips

Locating Systematic Reviews

Requesting Articles

Come across an article that we do not have access to? Request that the article be sent to you electronically through our Document Delivery service. Login w/ your Blackboard username and password at the link below and fill out the form to register for Document Delivery!