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Alaska Medical Library

Fee Schedule

The Alaska Medical Library provides fee-based services for Alaska healthcare professionals and other non-UAA researchers. Below is our fee schedule. To request services, please call, email, or use our online forms.

Document Delivery

Consortium Library Collection $11 each
Interlibrary Loan $17 each

Research Services

Literature search on a requested topic (one-time search or saved search with regular alerts) $90

These are base fees. Higher fees may be charged for special items or large projects. For example:
Rush interlibrary loan requests: Some lending libraries charge us a higher fee for rush requests.
Large scanning projects: If an article from Consortium Library's print collection exceeds 50 pages, we charge the $11 base fee plus $0.25/page for additional pages.
Extensive research time: For literature searches that require more than 1-2 hours of librarian research time, the fee may be more than the $90 base fee.

Payment Method

Deposit account: Available to all clients. Minimum amount to establish an account is $100.00 US dollars (check, VISA, or Mastercard). Note: Deposit accounts are nonrefundable.
Invoice payment: Available to all clients. We will send an invoice for work completed, which can be paid by check, VISA, or Mastercard.
Organizational contract: Fees for many healthcare providers are paid by the organization where they work. Check with us to see if you are covered by one of our contracts.

Updated 7/21/22