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Better than WebMD - OLE workshop

Finding reliable health information on the internet

Reading a URL

The address for a webpage (called a URL) can give good information about what might be found on that site. The parts of the address give clues.


http:// until recently most addresses would begin with this - which just means you are going to see a web page.

https:// this is a secure site - it would be safe to give them credit card information. Many organizations are moving their websites to secure sites.

computer: most addresses begin with www, but not all.  By default most addresses live on an internet server (computer) that hosts www pages.

institution: this can be the full name or an abbreviation. The person or group who created the web page often works for this organization

domain: the six most common "top" level domains are:

  • .com (commercial)
  • .edu (college or university)
  • .gov (federal government)
  • .org (organization, often non-profit)
  • .mil (U.S. military)
  • .net (networks)

directory: an address can have several levels or none at all the address can end with different "extensions", such as pdf, htm, or html.