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GEOL 689: Geology Graduate Professional Practices

This course guide provides information and resources to support GEOL 689 assignments.

Getting Started Step-by-Step:

The library session will get you off to a good start on your projects. Here are some helpful tips for using the recommended databases: 


  • Searches GeoRef plus the full text of 40+ geology journals.
  • Offers option to search by map coordinates, or by selecting specific geographic area(s).
  • Tip! For GeoRef items, click on the item to display the record, then click on the DOI field to locate the full text.
  • Tip! To eliminate the abstract only records, leave the Meeting Abstracts box unchecked but select the other document types under GeoRef Document Types. 


  • Tip!  Be sure to go to the "Document Type" limiter and choose "More options" so that you are able to exclude "Abstracts Only" to remove proceedings abstracts from your search.
  • Use "Recent Searches" to view previously used search strings.


  • Click on "Peer reviewed" under the "Limit to:" option to get articles from peer-reviewed journals.