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Biology at Mat-Su College

A guide for students taking Biology courses, BIOL 102, at Mat-Su College.

How to get to Academic Search Premier

Web of Science has many articles about the sciences. It has many features to let you find exactly what you want. It is a good place for in-depth scientific research, though you may want to begin your research with Academic Search Premier.

Click this link to enter Web of Science.

How do I use Academic Search Premier?

When you first enter Web of science, you will see a search bar. Enter your search terms. Using the drop-down menu to tell Web of Science to only search article titles might make sure that you get more relevant results:

Screenshot of Web of Science Search bar

In the search results page you will notice a few things.

  1. A "Sort by" option that lets you sort search results by date, times used by other searches, times cited by other publications, etc.
  2. A "Check library for full text" button so that you can actually read the article.
  3. A "Times cited:" indication, which tells you how many other articles in Web of Science cite this article. (This is an indication of how influential an article is.)
  4. A "View abstract" button that will tell you what an article is about.

Screenshot of Web of Science search results

Also, notice that on the left side of the search results page there are many ways to limit your search results. For example, you can tell Web of Science to only display articles funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, or to only show articles published in certain journals or in certain countries, etc.