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NS 400: Nursing Research

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How Do I Search PubMed?

Step-by-Step Guide to Searching CINAHL

Step 1: Enter your search terms into the search box. *CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE

Step 2: After hitting the green search button in CINAHL a list of suggested terms will be shown. To select the term that matches your research question read the scope note to make sure the definition matches what you are looking for (click on the icon to the right of the term). 

scope note

Step 3: If the definition matches your term, select the term by putting a check mark in the box next to it.

Step 4: Hit the green Search Database button (upper right-hand corner).

select the term and search database in CINAHL

Step 5: After hitting the Search Database button, your screen should look like the screen below. You will see your search term and a number of results with the results listed below with citation information (author, publication, year etc.).

search results in CINAHL

If you have more then 1 term that you would like to combine together to see the search results, repeat steps 1-5.

Step 6: After you have 2 search terms in your search history, you can then combine those searches together using AND or OR by selecting each term (box next to term) and choosing Search with AND or Search with OR at the top of the search history screen.

You will have a brand new search combining your 2 terms together with either OR or AND (see example below) with new results!


Using AND / OR in a Search