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Writing Assignments

This guide should help you get started on any writing assignment you may be given. If you don't see your particular type of assignment here, or if you need any help, please feel free to contact us!

Using Word 2013 to Create a Bibliography

Office 2013 can make your life extremely easy. Look for the References Tab top middle of the screen.


Once you have created your quotation or reference, add the citation following these instructions:

1.   Where it says Style, click on the drop-down box and select APA (the preferred style akin to Harvard) -- unless using a numeric system.

2. Insert Citation - Add New Source. Choose the kind of source you are using from the drop-down menu and fill in the details, e.g., book, journal article, periodical (use for newspaper articles), website, etc.

3. Note how the program then inserts the author's name in brackets -- this is your citation.               

4. When you have finished creating all of your citations, go to Bibliography (to right of Insert Citation). Click on Insert Bibliography (bottom of drop-down box) and it will insert all of your references into a bibliography in the correct order. Save this into the latest version of Word 2013 or it will not save correctly.

The basic details you will need to construct a reference are

  1. Author (surname and first name)

  2. Title of book, webpage, article etc.

  3. Edition (only enter edition if it is not the first edition)

  4. Publisher or journal name

  5. Web address if from Internet and date accessed

  6. Date of publication

  7. Page numbers -- if quoting from a specific page include the page number(s)

For books, you will find most of this information on the back of the title page. It is useful to note these details down as you go along because it is so easy to forget where you get things from. 


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