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Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Program (WWAMI)

This course guide provides information and resources to support Della Keats assignments.


QuickSearch Tips

Using the QuickSearch box above will help you find books and articles on your topic.  Refine your results as follows:

  1. Limit to items with Full Text Online.
  2. Limit articles to Peer-Reviewed publications.
  3. Exclude Newspaper Articles.
  4. Limit Publication Date.
  5. Limit Library Location (for books) - choose UAA/APU Consortium.

Items put in the folder can be saved in APA citation format and emailed to yourself.


Academic Search Premier - In Class Exercises

Today's demonstration will use Academic Search Premier to search for the topic: zika virus.  From a multidisciplinary approach, we can view this topic from three sides. 

Part A: the physiological side of the problem
what is the zika virus? 
      how & why might it develop?
      what are the physiological consequences?

Part B: the clinical side of the problem 
      how is the zika virus typically diagnosed and treated?
      what are the prevention measures? 
      is there a vaccine?

Part C: the public health side of the problem
      what population is most affected?
      is this happening globally?
      are there articles discussing the epidemiology of this problem?   



Searching Academic Search Premier

Searching most library databases is different than using Google.  Approximately 150 articles were found when all terms were put in one box like this:

Separate the concepts. Enter words for one concept in the first box, words for the second concept in the second box, etc.  Select AND, then click Search.  Over 500 articles were found using this method.



Consider looking for synonyms.  This strategy found more than 700 articles:




  • Choose Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals as a limit in the Limit To area (left column)
  • Use * at the end of a word to search for different endings.  Example: bacteri* will find bacteria, bacterium, bacterial, bacteriocins, etc.
  • Use broader terms, e.g., Alaska rather than Alaska Natives.