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Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month

This guide serves as an introduction to library resources and information in celebration of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month.

What is Peer Review?

The peer review process tries to ensure that only the highest quality research is published. When an article is submitted to a peer-reviewed (or refereed) journal, the editor sends it to be reviewed by other scholars (the author's peers) in the same field. These reviewers recommend that the editor reject the paper, accept the paper as is, or accept the paper with author revisions.  

Though trustworthy, peer review is not without flaws. The Retraction Watch blog tracks when published articles are withdrawn due to plagiarism, error, fraud, or other reasons.

How can I tell if a particular journal is peer reviewed?

Search the journal title in the Library’s Journal Titles list. If you don't find it there, search the journal title in Ulrichsweb (the referee’s jersey icon indicates that a title is peer-reviewed). You can also visit the journal’s website. If you have trouble, ask a librarian.

Selected Journals

Hispanic Research Journal: Iberian and Latin American Studies

Hispanic Research Journal - School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Presents research into the cultures of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Hispanic American Historical Review

Duke University Press - Hispanic American Historical Review

Articles on all aspects of Latin American history, plus book reviews and lists of recently published books.

Latino Studies

Special Issue of Latino Studies Journal on “Latinx of Mixed Ancestry” –  Repeating Islands

Aims to advance interdisciplinary scholarship about the lived experience and struggles of Latinas and Latinos for equity, representation, and social justice.

Hispanic Poetry Review

Cover Page

Devoted exclusively to the analysis of poetry written in Spanish on both sides of the Atlantic.
Home - Hispanic Review
Features essays and book reviews on the diverse cultural manifestations of Iberia and Latin America, from the medieval period to the present.

Access World News

Access World News

A variety of news sources from around the world. Search by region or country.