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ASD/UAA Summer Academy/UNIV 150

This course guide provides information and resources to support UNIV 150 assignments.


General Sources

Specific Careers

American Bar Association

Overview of preparing for law school and a law career and the skills necessary for success in a legal career. 

How to Become a Paralegal

Resources for becoming a paralegal.

Learn More about Education Careers

Information about teaching and other careers in education.

How to Become a Teacher

Resources for becoming a teacher.

Health Careers in Alaska

Includes job responsibilities, educational and licensure requirements, contacts for state and national organizations, as well as wage and employment information.

Explore Health Careers

Choose an image for a specific occupation, which gives the average salary, job outlook, working conditions, academic requirements, and links to resources.

Careers in STEM

Information about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers, colleges, scholarships, and more.

STEM Jobs: Student Portal

Information and articles about STEM careers.

Career Cornerstone Center

Resource for exploring career paths in STEM fields.

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